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Why Fiverr Business Chat

Kindly anyone tell me about Fiverr Business.

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Here’s the official topic, it explains a lot.

Is there something specific you don’t understand?


Can you please explain how a freelancer gets onto the fiverr business platform? Are all Fiverr Pros considered Fiverr Business freelancers, or do sellers need to apply to have their gigs accepted as part of Fiverr Business.


As far as I know, those two are not related.

Fiverr Business is for buyers, they become Fiverr Business clients (and they become that by applying).

As for the gigs that are in the Business catalogue, Fiverr chooses them. There’s also an option to submit your gig for consideration for the Business catalogue, but as far as I know, you only get that option if Fiverr invites you to do it.

I get Fiverr Business clients for one of my gigs from time to time, so either it’s in the catalogue or they found it in regular search; if it’s the former, Fiverr added that gig to the catalogue on their own.


I too have returning Fiverr Business clients, but I am not sure how they found me. At least one of them was a regular client and then I noticed the became a Fiverr Business client after they had already placed three orders.

You could do that inquiry all on your own by contacting CS at


If you send a message to Customer Support, as Vickie suggested, you’ll probably get a response much faster than I would (you’re a Pro seller, I’m not).

Or maybe you can ask your Success Manager? I’ve heard that Pro sellers have them?


Can you find out who my success manager is please?

@posturedoctor Fiverr Pro has a separate category which would be more suitable for posting your questions.

Suggest you create a new topic there.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.


Oops sorry, I though I was replying to fiverr support but I actually replied on the forum. Doh!

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I have no way of doing that. Like I said, I’m just a regular seller here, not even a Pro seller.

Oops sorry about that. I thought I sent this message to fiverr support through my email.

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Good for new seller like me new seller @arshawons