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Why fiverr changed thier color at


As i seen after some month Fiverr changed their color code(new #1dbf73) at at forum and another sub domain it still old( #00b22d) color like light green.
why fiverr does not changed forum and at another to new one yet?


Probably they decide to make some changes without special reason.


Just haven’t gotten around to it. Personally I prefer the old one. This new color seems to lack the vibrancy of the other.


I too like that old acid green color, like a radioactive chemical that hits you as if it is electrically charged.

I also liked the old cow in a pasture pictures this site originally had. It immediately let you know you were here for fun and enjoyment. Of course the focus is now all business so maybe that is why they made these changes.


I found another useful things that when we have opened multiple tabs over browser then we easily find out subdomain tabs and main domain tabs. :joy::joy:


exactly, like vs :grin:



The forum is a shady place, so it gets a different shade. Some people even throw shade. So, it all makes sense.