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Why fiverr charge extra fee from sellers if they are buying some services

As a seller we are already paying 20% fiverr fee so why do we need to pay if we are using fiverr income in buying some services??? I do work with other freelancing sites but they don’t charge me in buying services if I’m already paying them fee in selling.

Seller and buyer are two different thing.
It wont give you any buyer advantage if you are a seller on Fiverr

You didn’t pay anything thing to Fiverr, is Fiverr taking 20% of the order.
Buyer pay Fiverr for their customer service

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Because the buying fee is for the transaction of a purchase. The administration of buying still needs to be financed and your commission is not related to that.

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but it should be considered that sellers don’t need to pay buying fee…as we are already contributing in fiverr’s revenue…

No business would finance one part of their business by taking a loss from another part of their business.

Administering purchases costs money so not compensating for that purchase is a loss. No company would volunteer to take a loss on a sale.

If that happens, the first thing that new buyers before purchasing a service, they will create a seller gig, as they know, if they are a Fiverr seller, Fiverr won’t charge for the fee. And there will have tons of new sellers who want to have the “Fiverr seller benefit”