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Why Fiverr defends Copycats?

I’m really shocked how simple your gig can be kicked from 1st to the last page :roll_eyes:
One week ago I noticed that my gig (which was on the 1st page of category) began to loose impressions. And after few days it was dropped to the last page (10th-15th).
But when I opened 1st page I’ve noticed a new seller on the same position where my gig was.

I checked his profile and gig description and found that it is partial copy of my gig.
I also researched his gig through web archive and found that at the beginning he copied ALL my entire description WORD by WORD (even bold & highlighted text)

I opened a ticket in CS and provided all proofs (including screenshots, web archive cache, etc). And guess what - CS answered that it is ok and they can’t do anything with it.

Now this guy has “Fiverr’s Choice” badge - it is like a very bad joke.
Screenshots attached (all urls and seller’s username blurred)

Description comparison

Profile descriptions

Web archive

Fiverr's Choice

What do you think about it? Why fiverr gives all preferences to the copycats and punishes trusted sellers?


Flag the gig - there’s a little flag you can use on the top right of any gig. Provide proof the gig is yours if necessary. Opening a ticket for this kind of thing is a waste of time. Use the flag. And make sure you have proof.


I was nowhere to be found in search and a dude that copy-pasted my gig was on the first page. He just altered the gig name a bit and use a random page from the web.

You were not removed due to the copycat, it’s due to the gig rotation system. So you will get back, and as my forum colleague said above, you should flag that gig, before doing that take pictures side by side to show that he copied you


I just want to offer my moral support! You’ve got two great answers from @coerdelion and @donnovan86. As a creative, I can’t stand it when people blatantly steal ideas and pass them off as their own work. It then really rubs salt into the wound when you find that they’re appearing higher in the search using work stolen from you. Grrrrr.


I already did this but without any luck also there is no way to attach proof files through this method

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This is completely unfair. No clue why fiverr allowed this. I wish you that your struggle will recover soon. Best wishes :four_leaf_clover:
And you know what?
I saw someone also copy my description as well. The hole thing 1:1 with my Name and where I come from. This person rank somehow before me with no sales .(newcomer section) :grin:
Since I know Fiverr didn’t do anything about it, I let it go. I don’t know if I’m going grining or whining.


It’s not great, is it … if you’re determined, then go back to your ticket and ask to escalate. You might come across an agent willing to help …

Don’t hold your breath tho …


Thank you.
CS closed my ticket and I was used to create a new one.

Don’t open a new ticket - reply to the last one and that will open it again.

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I can’t because it was closed by CS

Contact with the support team again

You just put a new reply into the box at the bottom …

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I know about this (I opened a lot of tickets for the last 4 years) but this time there is no text box and I can’t reply or do something else. CS simply don’t want to help sellers who playing by the rules.

I think you need not worry about that. If that guy steal your words then he will not stay at your position for long time. You get back your position after short time. Need not to worry keep working.

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Well, I also think so but my gig still dropping. Few days ago it was at the 10th page and today it is at the end of the 15th while copycat’s gig on the 1st page.


I think, Fiverr not support copycats. Fiverr is a large company and has its own procedure to handle these things.

If suppose your gig dropped down then what would be the next strategy to make it well positioned again?

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Just copy someone’s description :grinning:

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I feel sorry for the experience you’ve faced!

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The best way would be for Fiverr to do automated checks, then they wouldn’t need human work for it after that (I assume probably quite small) bit of code was added, and the checks would be a lot faster.

Also there are quite a lot of sellers who have copied lines like the one in the profile promising to give “exceptional service …until you’re completely satisfied” .

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