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Why Fiverr defends Copycats?

You need to press on “create a follow up” at the bottom and that will let you continue your conversation with CS


No, it redirects to creation of new ticket (I tried this)

Yes, I know and I’m reporting them from time to time. But this time I just shocked how gig ranking and customer “support” works . How fast they closed my ticket without real help.
And the icing on the cake is “Fiverr’s choice” badge for copycat’s gig :+1:


I checked another gig from the seller (Fiverr’s Choice) who copied my description and guess what - he copied description of best selling gig from other sucessful seller @mr_vector

Just check a screenshot. I really don’t understand why fiverr’s CS don’t do anything with him. Also as far as I know only 1 gig per same service is allowed on fiverr but this guy has 2.
Fiverr please give badges to sellers who at least put minimal effort to create a unique description

Hey @pussyacat :slight_smile:
thanks for letting me know this! yes I also noticed a huge drop in my gig impressions these days. and I also noticed the same. fiverr is picking up really amateur guys and giving them top badges also first places in the search results.

for an example we handle the toughest and most complex vector drawings . but a guy with copied descriptions and gig images and a bunch of very basic portfolios , they get the top ranks in the search result.

also recently I noticed fiverr support is getting too busy and they don’t really investigate the cases before give a judgement. I’m sorry to say. recently I had a ticket and they didn’t even reply to me for 30 days.
and I had done nothing wrong but they gave me a account warning( that was a totally their misunderstanding ) I contacted them to fix it, but they didn’t even reply .

I’m not sure what to do or who to contact regarding these things. I’m just doing my best on fiverr and keep watching what’s happening. honestly I’m a little disappointed

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I seen that many description are same and Fiverr do not get any action against them…
But if they found any image the same they immediately block that gig…


Yes, they just reply with tempalte message. I’m still waiting for their response for my 2nd ticket.