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Why fiverr demand seller to add audio on video?

Hello recently i uploaded a video on my gig. Unfortunately it was rejected from the fiverr editorial team.

I simply asked them few questions.
why i have to add audio on video?
who are fiverr to decided that i have to add audio on my video?
On what basis it was decided?

If someone who dont know much about editing software then how can they add a music to the video?
Where can seller download musics for free to add on video?

This rule of adding audio to the video is mandatory shall be changed from fiverr team.
How many peoples facing same issue?

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I actually think the requirement to add audio is good. Videos without at least a music track are boring. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of video editing gigs. Some of those sellers will offer to add copyright-free music to a video for $5-20. Well worth it since videos can affect search placement.


Lol this is not a movie or something like that. its a vfx breakdown the person who will view it will not expect any kind of audio.

Gig videos are primarily marketing. The average viewer would find a video without audio to be even more dull than a poor video with audio.


It should be a video to promote your gig. And it needs sound with it.
I’ve never seen any video on the internet without any audio.

You can find royalty free music tracks on the internet to use with it. It’s simple to add it with any video editing software.

As i said above any person who is willing to give visual effects work he his not interested to hear audio/ music he is interested to see how the comp work is dont what kind of passes were used to archive that quality.

thanks for your reply. :smiley:

Have you ever looked for vfx break down videos on YT?

From major studios?

Please do if you haven’t.

Notice there is purpose behind each edit. Music backing up the edits. This is your showreel.

Market yourself better.

Look for vfx studio they mention they are not interested to hear audio just wanna see breakdown.

Ok. Sure. How many sales did your vfx gig with no video had this past year?

No Hollywood studios are going to look for vfx gigs here on Fiverr.

This is a different audience.

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It sounds incredibly unprofessional to have no audio on any video.

Ok thanks lets end this topic i got my answer. :slight_smile:

Yes i know i dont even expect any kind of vfx project on this website as the clients are with poor budget 5 or 10 usd.

Just putting in my thoughts about it.

This topic was dead months ago and you came back to argue about something. People get the option to respond since you decided to start it up again. Enjoy.

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