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Why fiverr disabled direct contact to buyer via app

its sad that fiverr fails to realise where the real spam lies, which is in the sending offers in a buyers request. like how do you send an offer for a two line job description???
often times buyers job description isnt complete, turnaround time, versions and revisions, and ultimately succint job description (which is what i do best on any offer im interested in) it means buyer now buys my gig, choose whatever he feels like without contacting me, and after so much work and revisions that i get fed up, we ask to mutually cancel, TIME WASTED, MONEY LOST!

it really hurts me that i cant make my craft anymore and i’ve been out of offers since the update.
i really hope they bring back the messaging soon, until then i think i’ll be forced into a vacay.


Is Fiverr listening ?

No i dont think so

we are still waiting for fiverr’s reply as Im getting order cancelled and not able to send custom offer via app.
reply to @designbybliss @sincere18
I sent offer to buyer entering amount of $20 as i was unaware of exact requirement and told in there that i will send you exact offer later But buyer accepted the offer and forced me to complete the order and denied to cancel it In that case the work was worth $35 and i had to do it for very less.

SO PLEASE FIVERR re do pre order communication with buyer

No one can FORCE you to work - If she won’t mutually cancel then you just wait for Fiverr.

Fiverr should bring back or any other way for clarification before order

fiverr should redo this feature

@designbybliss i dont want to include fiverr support for every order.

We will continue to push, and hope we get what we want.

Thank you.

We will

Reply to @spsingh: so if this only happened with one buyer, it is very possible the buyers account got shut down suddenly. Sometimes that happens where you are emailing a buyer and then all of a sudden can’t.

If you are saying it is happening to all of your buyers who contacted you first then that is a problem.

So which is it, just this one buyer or all your buyers who messaged you and asked you for a custom quote? HOw many buyers did this happen with?

Reply to @emjayye: Agreed!

It was such a great thing about fiverr.
It’s a sham that they removed it…

Reply to @designbybliss: I can see how that might be the case and why Fiverr would do it for just those reasons.

I also think that if a buyer does not write a good buyer request, then any seller should just move on. I think some of it comes from the desparation of the seller trying to go after that one job as much as they can. If a buyer doesn’t write up good instructions, just give as best an offer as you can, writing as many details and the at the bottom say you are happy to discuss more options if the buyer wants to provide more details, and then if it does not fit what they need they will write and ask back.

Reply to @spsingh:
As a BUYER, agree with both spzigsee and spsingh.

Seems crazy to restrict the ability to communicate,
refine details of a Gig, etc. Both parties lose.

Have a client in the Call Center industry (“Virtual
Staffing”). There in a quest for efficiency, they
have automated email systems, which often times
prohibits communication of relevant information.

Reply to @spsingh: In case like that, I’ve written “this is a ballpark offer and may be more or less depending on specifics. Message me if you’d like a firm offer” Most of the time the buyer messages me and we talk it out and I send a follow up offer.

Reply to @emjayye: In general, please try to refrain from making a whole post in all caps. Honestly, it is hard on the eyes and people will often skip over reading all-caps posts. No offense intended, just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: I haven’t either. I haven’t seen any recent change in the ability to write back to sellers who contact me first unless they did something to break the rules. I am not sure what people are referring to in this thread. When I am a buyer, I do not want to get messages from sellers unless I contact them first or unless it’s for a very good reason.

Granted, I rarely use the mobile app, but on my Kindle and my PC I have no difficulties replying to potential buyers who contacted me first. I’ve never been blocked from messaging unless the buyer account was shut down. :-/

Reply to @photoarenaa: Bumping posts in Tips for Sellers is very, very unlikely to get Fiverr’s attention. The only category for buyers/sellers to start new posts and is monitored much is the Suggestion Box. So, bumping in this category isn’t a great idea and could get the post moved or deleted if done to excess. Just FYI.

Reply to @spsingh: I would send an offer that is in the middle and just say what it includes. 5 pages, plus x, x, x…and then say if you would need more I can work with you to create another custom quote. Something like that.

Keep in mind those buyers might be getting offers from 50 or even 100 other people.