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Why fiverr doesn't allow Google Ads?

There is a really odd line in the Terms of Services:

" Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the Google Ads platform."

That does not make any sense, since that would be win-win for sellers, buyers and for Fiverr.
If people don’t use google ads to promote a fiverr gig, they will promote their own website instead, which is a loss for Fiverr. I would like to understand why this is in the terms if anyone knows?

They should allow it, that would increase Fiverr’s sale and is basically free marketing for them.

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It makes perfect sense. They need to control how their brand is represented. They can’t do that if sellers are posting ads.

Plus a ton of sellers think spamming forums and Twitter threads with their gig is a good idea. Can you imagine if they were allowed to post ads! (Shudders)


Well they allow Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, I don’t see how it’s different with Google Ads.

I also don’t see how it could affect their brand. People are already spamming social media, google Ads won’t suddently change the brand. People that pay for ads are usually more serious in their business.

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That’s like saying well people spit all over the neighborhood, so let’s start spitting, too. What’s the harm?

Fiverr can’t prevent sellers from doing things from their own social media accounts. They can control what they do in their own advertising.

I don’t know why Fiverr is more concerned about brand rep on Google than elsewhere. Maybe Google has more specific rules for ads.

Fiverr uses Google Ads themselves, and, therefore, they do not want sellers bidding on the same keywords as them and driving up the cost per click.


How does it matter if cost per click is higher, as long as the final cost of marketing is lower?
It’s free marketing for them, they would get much more clicks too their platform for the same amount spent since other peoples are paying for the ads too…

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  • If the CPC is high they can make fewer ad bids and purchases, which probably means lower conversions. In online ads you generally need many different ads targeting different demographics, geographics, with different messaging for different audiences, etc. to test and convert. It’s much more effective to have a bunch of smaller ads targeted to different things than to have few ads.

  • If you are outbidding someone, you’re competing for the same keywords. If that person loses the bid they can still rank, but lower than you. If an official Fiverr ad and a sellers ad were on top of the other it would look like the seller’s ad is an official Fiverr ad and Fiverr wouldn’t want people to be able to create that impression and they wouldn’t want viewers to mix up what is official and what is not. Sellers would use this as an opportunity to pretend to be an official ad to get people to open it.