Why fiverr doesn't give my money? Help me


Fiverr restricted my account 4 month ago. I contacted with support they told me to contact again with them after 45 days. I contacted with them again after 45 days. They want some to prove my ownership. I provided all information. After that they want my recent selfie with my national ID. I provided that. After that they doesn’t any answer. Now what can I do? Please help me to get my money.


Here the screen short.


Well, the first problem looks like they did not believe that you sent them guaranteed legitimate proof and saw evidence of edits on the images. Second, it looks like your last message to them that “It’s OK” which sounds like you telling them you don’t expect more help.

Finally, the last messages are recent so you need to wait and see if they respond in a few more days or close your ticket. If they think you tried to falsify your identity, location or anything, they will probably return the funds to the buyers.


Yes, I understand. But I want to show my identity anyway, how will fiverr support want.
But they didn’t response me anymore…
I’m ready to give any proof, but please tell them to response me…
Looking for your kind help


Here I have the same problem. ( http://support.fiverr.com/hc/requests/1220722 )
First, Support asked authentication either paypal or Fiverr revenue card. I have provided the Fiverr revenue card details with GOV ID…

Then asked paypal email and transaction ID… I have provided one (which one i could collect)…

Then asked 1st paypal email … I have provided… Then at last, Fiverr support asked 1st paypal transaction ID, But I couldn’t provide it. Because, In our county Bangladesh, Paypal is not allowed. I have withdrawal 1st time by another person paypal for purchasing purpose. So, I know the paypal email only but don’t know the transaction ID. For the transaction ID, I have to contact with the paypal owner. But he is out of touch from me.
So, How can I provide this ? That means, couldn’t I get my earning funds ?

Please suggest me…

Note : Check my attached


Note : Check my attached