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Why fiverr don't have accept this job

why fiverr don’t have accept this job option. I am selling psd to html conversations for 5$ but some buyer give me 3-4 large file psd to html conversations only for 5$ without adding extra gigs or quantity. Therefore i cancel the order. so cancellation rate increasing. Do you have any suggestions?

Put on your description for every buyer to message you before purchasing your gig. IF you do that you can know what to expect every time.

Write it several times in your description. Also write it in the message for buyer (the message he gets after he places an order) - write about the extras and be as specific as possible. You can openly say: “if you ordered my basic gig without any extras, you will get ----. If you want ----, you need to order ----.” :slight_smile:

And once they order, try to politely explain it to them. They may be willing to pay the few extra bucks. Or not. Maybe they will be okay with just the basic product. :slight_smile:

Keep repeating that “I will do one (1) conversion for each Gig ($5.00) orderd.” Unless applicable Gig-Extras are ordered.