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Why fiverr don't protect sellers?

Today one of my customer buy from me my service 150 dollars, i do channel promoting, before doing this job we make some agreement of work, that if his channel was not approved by youtube because of his content, we are not responsible about that, and our work is just to provide you the audience that you pay for it.

So, o delivery my customer and she accept the delivery with 5 stars and all, and then after 10 days she apply for youtube partner and she is not approved because his channel was already demonetized, and when youtube didn’t approve it with reason ( Reused content …etc ),
my customer contact the support and get refunded without asking me or take proof or reading our agreement of gig FAQ where i write that we are not responsible about your channel if she didnt accepted to monetization.

( and after i go to inbox to speak to her that you got refunded and me i spent money on advertising and i send her link channel to tell her that i worked for your channel hard and you didnt respect our agreement, she tell me " sir, if you hack my friend channel, he will buy your gig and put negative review "

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Take some screenshots of your conversation with the buyer. Attach them with a short explanation to CS.


i already do that. i hope that they take the right decision, can i share with you what i write on the CS there is no problem?

Just wait for a response. They’re a bit slow at the moment …

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Take the screenshot of the conversation and contact fiverr customer support. I hope fiverr customer support will take necessary action.

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When they answer me, i will update you

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Fiverr should make some policy for completed orders if buyer is not satisfied he ask for changes until he is satisfied but this is not a good thing that after few days he get refund easily our hard is just waste of time I am very disappointed by fiverr many times on this issue hope you get justice

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yes, i worked for his work for 15 days, and i spent money on advertising proximally i spent more than 90usd, and the order was approved after 10 days she take refund!

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Why are you spending $90 on an order of $150 ($120 after fees). That’s a really bad margin to be working on, especially for services that attract wannabe influencers who are notoriously problematic.

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normally order of 150 usd, i spent 50 usd, but this one request some other features and i did it for free!
but after order completed she do that!!

because i’am new on fiverr, i want to win some customers and have a notoriety.

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This is really bad, and something some buyers do exploit all the time, especially if you are a new seller. This should no longer be happening on fiverr.

Fiverr has to get its dispute resolution on point.

Hello @hamzamoukaliif I told regarding on your issue, All of sellers have a value of time so that need to more update their system. Thanks they must understand that if there were no sellers there would be no buyer.
they just protect the buyer who pay a little bit for them, but the seller pay 20% of his income, and do hard work to increase his income and of course if the income increases also fiver costs they will be increases.