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Why fiverr gig clicks and views are down

I am new of fiverr market place. I have already created three gig based on web. Present time my fiverr gig views and clicks down day by day but why? Any one help me. How to solve this problem.
My fiverr profile link: please check my gig views and click.


I am facing the same problem…low/declining rate of views and clicks :frowning:

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They are probably “down” because you aren’t marketing and promoting your gig. I’m going to guess that you created your gigs, and now you’re just sitting back, waiting for people to buy from you.

That’s not how business works.

If you want to be successful, take action. Promote your gigs to the people who need your services. Work hard. Don’t sit there doing nothing.

Doing nothing results in nothing. Doing work usually results in success.

Do work. Be successful.


Thanks for your replay.

I feel like I see that a lot on Fiverr forums.

I wonder if Fiverr is doing a disservice and is attracting people who aren’t business people with the false promises of “anyone will be willing to buy something for $5!” They promise marketing for you. They promise the number one brand in freelancing.

When in reality, most of the successful folks on Fiverr are probably people that have blogs of their own, they post all over social media, and perhaps they are even on the verge of selling their services outside of Fiverr!

I’m currently working on my own blog to get more traffic to my gigs. I have automation configured to post to Twitter whenever I get a 5-star review on one of my gigs.

Hope this helps!

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I would be careful with this. Multiple posts announcing that you’ve received a 5-star review on your gig could come across as spam on Twitter. Think of it the other way around… would you want to see this repeatedly posted from a friend in YOUR Twitter feed?


Good call. Though it’s only happened once… I could see it getting irritating.

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