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Why fiverr has an access to my private mail?


fiverr has hacked my mail, i didn’t give any permission to read my private mail!!!


What makes you think this please?


If you mean your messages on fiverr, they can read it all whenever they want and they do sometimes.


Not really a hack - messages on Fiverr provide background to project agreements. This is for your protection. I always refer to “all as agreed in messaging” as part of my offers.


Not really, google told me that they breached my privacy so i blocked them! i do not want them to read my gmail!!! Messages on fiverr sure but no more.


Fiverr can’t read your Gmail.


Fiverr can’t read emails on your gmail account.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what google said? :thinking:


Really? you think i’m gonna wait for you? i blocked them right away! Now, who i’m supposed to believe? Google or fiverr? Google said they have an access to my account and i shouldn’t let them so i followed the instruction, that’s all! Just saying


The message could refer to the permissions of the app.
Or it could be a forged message. One should analyze the header and the ip address to find out.


That’s weird. I would love to see the message.


It was not a message, i checked my privacy setting and it asked me to block it.


Whatever it was, share a screenshot and we’ll help you try to figure it out.


It’s fine, Thnx, got a new cryptic password, everything is peachy!


I’d still love to know what the issue actually was or what happened b/c I feel there was probably a miscommunication somewhere…


surely it’s not what Fiverr does :slight_smile: perhaps you misinterpreted something


If you were actually hacked by fiverr you would see a message to your inbox that someone from a different address from yours checked in to your email, and they would tell you the location of where it came from, and what browser they used.

Fiverr does have very sensitive methods of tracking you but it’s not the same thing as actually hacking your email.


Hacked maybe it’s a heavy word but google told me it was a bit pushy.


Then it will still be pushy. It’s one of the most intense tracking systems I’ve encountered.


What, just because every time you search something you get an email about it 5 minutes later?


Fiver puts multiple cookies on your browser.