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Why fiverr is down?

No orders :frowning:

They are having some kind of technical issues for sure.
Messages and orders have been taking a REAL long time to make it through the system for the past few days. I had messages finally come through today with yesterday’s timestamps on them and have gotten email new-message alerts 30 minutes before they show on the site.

My last customer couldn’t upload their script and couldn’t fulfill the gig requirements.
I ended up having to do a mutual cancellation, custom offer and exchange the script through dropbox.

Man, I hope they get this fixed.

I believe fiverr has no room for new sellers. There are lots of top rated sellers, providing all required things to buyers around. Then, obviously, why will those buyer contact any new seller.
Second, at times its all about your luck-----your are providing better than lots having poor gigs but still earning!!!

Reply to @liquidlettuce: Thank you.

Reply to @hawkkseo: There is room for everyone here, I’m a also a buyer and I found great gigs offered by new sellers, sometimes they are more motivated and also have more time that a TRS seller.

Reply to @hawkkseo: You’ve made this statement before and many people have answered it before. There are new sellers achieving level 1 and level 2 almost every day according to what they say in Fiverr Stories. There must be many more who are not active on the forum. You have been mostly on a downer ever time you post. Desperation makes buyers run away. Perhaps your negativity is affecting you.

Fiverr is a good place for new sellers with not just skill but ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit. Fiverr is not good for every single person who tries it.