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Why Fiverr is My #1 Choice for Full Time Freelancing

Hi Dear,

Greetings! I have got some free time now.That’s why I’m writing this topic. I have created my account at the beginning of 2017 but started my journey as a full time freelancer at the beginning of 2019.

From January, 2019: Fiverr is my #1 choice among all other freelancing sites. But why?

Cause #1: No need to browse or search the new jobs. Reverse, buyers search us. That saves my time and effort.

Cause #2: No need to write any extra cover letter for getting a new job. I need timely & informative conversation while buyer INBOX me. This is one of the best causes to me.

Cause #3: I can set my targeted delivery time in my GIG packages. So I have no pressure from buyers.

Cause #4: Nowadays I’m getting orders without staying 24 hours online. Because buyer can easily trust me by seeing my positive reviews. So I’m getting orders while I sleep, OMG!

Cause #5: Most of the valuable buyers return to me after getting 1st time service. They no need to post new job here.

These are the 5 main causes, why I like #fiverr than all other freelancing site. What are you thinking about Fiverr? Write your opinion…

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hmmmmmmmmmmm :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thank you! Hope you will get better result day by day

Great Post! Hope someday I will be a successful seller on Fiver

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of course. Keep it up

You are right. I am student and as a part time I do work. Fiverr is also good for those who are students and who wants to do part time job. The reason I like Fiverr is no pressure. When you are busy or going on vocation, You can just activate office mode. More you struggle and provide good work more Success on Fiverr. I am very happy being a Member of Fiverr. Somehow some sellers couldn’t succeed because they give up when they don’t get orders in their first month or for a long time. Either they lack in some skills or may be they don’t understand how it works.


Thank you for sharing your opinion

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Great post. I like the your consideration and summary of overall work with Fiverr.

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