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Why fiverr is not giving me a badge of "level 1"? while i've completed my 10 sales with 100% rating

Please see images

:open_mouth: why you have to wait so long?

Reply to @kitsaros: hey thanks and best wishes also from my side :slight_smile:

According to your account you have been active for 29 days. To achieve Level 1 you need to have been active for 30 days, with this in mind you should receive your Level 1 Badge within the next few days (*)

OMG thankyou :slight_smile: i’m so glad that i cant wait to get it anymore

thanks btw :slight_smile:

From Fiverr TOS :

Levels are updated periodically by an automated system.

The seller’s rating is calculated based on a number of factors, including feedback received from buyers, amount of orders, cancelled orders, and late deliveries.

If they (sellers) deliver on time and maintain high quality and ratings, Fiverr MAY (emphasis mine) reward them with new statuses.

Sellers who cannot maintain their high quality service, experience a rating drop, or stop delivering on time risk losing their seller status and the benefits that come with it.

Reply to @celticmoon: thnks :slight_smile:

And, you have your badge now, congrats!

Reply to @mystic_insight: i’ve got mine :slight_smile:

Reply to @belgianwriter: thankyou :slight_smile:

Yay! Now on the Level 2!