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Why Fiverr is not responding! [RESOLVED]

Why NateLeib is not responding to my video? Please let me know about the video on Fiverr feedback for T-shirt draw? is there any problem? please respond and give review about my video. I am worried? Am I included in the draw for the T-shirt?

I am getting a notion, Fiverr has just given us a false incentive in order to take a free feedback…

Prove me wrong Fiverr

Edited after seeing more posts: @ahmadtalhaazam Take it a little easier and don’t panic or get angry or whatever is happening here. Fiverr staff including @natalieab doesn’t typically read this forum category at all. She cannot respond to every single entry.

OK, I am now editing to add some detail for you. I checked into the t-shirt contest. It makes sense that you would not hear anything back yet. The post about the contest is here:

The required date to send your video in hasn’t even arrived yet. Here is what the contest information says:

natalieab said:
  • Just for sending us your video, we will enter you in a draw where 15 lucky entrants will win a Fiverr Tshirt from our store.

    You can submit your video link here in the comments below, or email us to
    To be eligible for the draw, please submit you video by Friday September 4, 2015.
  • I saw your new entry posted here with several duplicates and I removed the duplicates so you are entered with the one remaing in the thread here:

    If you win, I am certain you will be notified. There could be anywhere between tens and hundreds of videos to go through so it could take a long time. Fiverr doesn’t really need to prove anything to any entrant, it’s just a simple contest and not a big deal. If you want a t-shirt before then, you can also order one from the Fiverr store here:

    Optionally, you can wait and see about the contest. Please do not make any more posts about this (you already made at least 5-6 so the duplicates have been removed.) Making videos is great practice for your gigs as well, so it’s a good situation for you no matter what. :slight_smile:

    @ahmadtalhaazam I have seen your post in the right thread, but the problem is that your link doesn’t work. Go and check it yourself (maybe it works when you’re connected to your own Google account, but not for the rest of the world). You should make a new post with the correct youtube link.
    Good luck!!

    Sheriff’s Note: All fixed. :slight_smile:

    Thank you both of you

    you were calming me like there was some competition to win but I heartily appreciate your efforts

    Do you fully understand what a contest is? It means people submit something in order to TRY and win a prize. This is standard marketing practice, many companies do that. But only give feedback if you really mean it :slight_smile:

    Hi, I looked at, or tried to look at, your video but there was no video on that link you posted on the contest thread. It is going to be hard to win that way. Where did your video go? :-??

    Reply to @fonthaunt: No, it’s in the right thread, page 2 (around middle of the page). I’ve checked it right now:
    The problem is that his youtube link goes to youtube “ooopps!!” page, because he linked the “edit video” page, instead of the “share video” url.

    EDIT: We wrote at the same time :slight_smile:

    Sheriff’s Note: All fixed. :slight_smile:

    Reply to @belengarcia: Well, at least we answered double-time! :slight_smile: Hopefully this will be calming for the OP.

    Reply to @fonthaunt: I have emailed the video

    Is it right?

    Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: If you emailed it to then that should be all you need to do for entry - that’s just based on the contest post that I read. Edit: You also now have one copy of the video in the contest link so you should be fine. Just don’t keep adding more because it becomes spam. Good luck!

    Reply to @belengarcia: Hats off to you Mam… you have got great skills of solving the problems.

    I have provided the right link now

    Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Well, I mean, it is a competition I suppose. It was advertised that Fiverr will look at all videos sent in and “Just for sending us your video, we will enter you in a draw where 15 lucky entrants will win” a t-shirt. The calming part was simply that you posted multiple times on this topic and seemed upset, but of course Fiverr is likely to get many entries so you may or may not hear back.

    It just isn’t anything to get too upset about. I understand that you probably worked hard on your video and would like to be one of the ones picked, but in the larger view, you would only have to sell a few gigs to have enough funds to buy a t-shirt. You could use your video entry to advertise your service on YouTube as well, so any way you look at it, the time wasn’t wasted. Take it easy and good luck!

    Reply to @misscrystal: It’s fixed. He emailed it in and he posted a link to it in the contest thread too. Here is the contest thread:

    Here is a direct link on behalf of @ ahmadtalhaazam: