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Why Fiverr is so Irresponsible and Unprofessional

Its been more than 22 days since I asked fiverr to fix my account problem and they never fix it. Matter of my account hold my earnings and I am worried not to get scammed by fiverr…

Please check this screenshots…

If CS couldn’t help you by now, how do you think we can help you? We’re just sellers (and buyers) like you, and we don’t even know what the problem you mention was.

We have no power over CS, nor over your account.

P.S. on the other hand, when a technical ticket is created for a problem you should expect long delays (I’ve had to wait a month once), because the technical/developers team have a lot of things to fix, and they’re human after all (maybe they’re still trying to figure out what is going on), so the only thing you can do is have patience - it’s a virtue here on Fiverr :slight_smile:

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When Sean said it might take some time to fix it he meant it. He told you it would be fixed after some time. There was no reason for you to start a series of unpleasant rude messages. I understand you are anxious about this matter. But to call him unprofessional is unprofessional on your part. He did nothing unprofessional. I will be surprised if you ever hear from them as they do not respond usually to this type of repeated message.

Fiverr is not going to scam you. They will fix it when they are able to.


Well, I think you should think out of box.This kind of problem hardly matters to you as an account but my business and things relies on it.

If fiverr was professional it would fixed the problem in couple of days or least replied to my inquiries rather than closing the tickers without any reason. Or an estimation time will do.

I started researching about fiverr and there are lot of red flags about them.

First of all I am not expecting help from any sellers, just trying to post my experience. Today fiverr is not what I trusted once I use to…

I’m sorry to hear that.

I’ve been on Fiverr for a bit over 7 years, and I know a lot of other members who’ve been for several years, too, and Fiverr was and still is always professional to me and those others ever since the first day we signed up.

I respect Fiverr, and Fiverr respects me. I also understand it’s a big platform that keeps growing each day, and I know all about delays and such. If Fiverr says they will do something, I trust them. If they say they will fix it, I will let them fix it, as long as it takes. I’ve been through all these, and they always fixed things, they always addressed my tickets, no matter how long it took it got solved in the end :wink: (they might receive tenths or hundreds of tickets each day, if not more)

As an honest advice, you (or your business) should also not rely solely on Fiverr, as things change each day and there’s no guarantee of anything while freelancing.

As for all those negative things/flags you found online - those are from people who couldn’t get rich in no time, who tried doing illegal activities thinking that Fiverr would allow them and got banned, who thought that everything is easy-peasy on Fiverr and thought they can bend it to their liking, and so on.

In the end, I treat Fiverr the way I want them to treat me.


I agree with Woofy that fiverr always fixes a problem like this although it may take some time. They never respond to repeated messages though like yours. I’ve been here for years and am used to the proceedure. You won’t get repeated responses to the same message usually but they definitely do not scam anyone.


“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

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I think that is the problem that the OP is talking about - maybe Fiverr closed their account, and they still haven’t reopened it after the CS ticket. Or was it closed today?

I don’t know when it was closed. I thought that OP just couldn’t withdraw their funds.

Maybe it’s been closed this whole time.