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Why fiverr is so much fond of biscuits and coffee.?


and it goes down again… I don’t know why they eat so much biscuits. I have orders to deliverrrrrr. :expressionless:


The sugar and caffeine have made them slovenly. It takes them twice as long to fix anything as they waddle around the server room.


Exactly. The site was having problem from last 3-4 hours and now its down. I don’t know how much this “quick break” will be long?


Tea and biscuits is quite nice though. We should have a biscuit poll to see what Fiverr people’s favorite biscuits are as we wait for Fiverr to come back to life. Only problem is, biscuits vary from country to country.


Hmm. Is it back? Let’s try and deliver.

**Fiverr crashes while everyone suddenly tries to deliver


Nope, spoke too soon. Still getting unknown error while uploading my delivery.


I don’t like tea. But my fave biscuit is … actually I don’t like biscuits either. Does kitkat count?


Its really awful now. My seller was going to deliver the voice and I was about to deliver a video and now I am stuck here, both as a buyer and seller.


KitKats definitely count, and they’re a biscuit and they’ve got chocolate on - what’s not to like?


How about OREO…:yum:


Sorry - don’t like oresos


Not Fiverr’s fault:

However, I hope Fiverr can be as forgiving as I can be when it comes to my 2 x late orders brought about by this.


How about chocolate digestives or hobnobs? I’m also partial to those ginger bisuits that are hard as rock and the lemon one with the knobbly top (all British, not available in Greece). Greece has Oreos, fancy Italian biscuits and weirdy-named biscuits.

KitKat’s kind of like a biscuit, so I think it passes.


That’s good because I’m inordinately fond of KitKat.


How about just a tea poll then although that probably varies from country to country. I prefer Earl Grey.


I have a delivery due in 7 hours, which I could have sent an hour ago. Hurray!

I think the server is on fire because terrorists.


Yeah, blaise would do the poll thing,.


Oh, yeah! Gingernuts. yes, I like gingernuts. And they’re great for dunking in coffee or tea.


Lol… Would they count it late if there are 1-2 hours left and the site is down?


Earl Grey is a good choice, but I prefer English Breakfast tea. In Greece, that’s your lot unless you like the horror that is Liptons and “ceylon tea”. (more like floor shavings)

I can’t be bothered to do a poll!