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Why Fiverr is taking a percent amount of my tipping money?

Hi, I am a graphic designer and a Fiverr seller. And some of you may agree with me about this topic.

I thought the whole point of tipping money or tips from a customer is the personal extra bonus earning that you get from a customer and it’s completely different revenue from the business you are working with.

From the title, it explains everything about my problem, and please explain if someone knows about this or having the same issue as I, can voice it out together on how exactly is the Fiverr’s agreement/policy and such. Or did I miss something out? it should have been like this all the time?


As far as I know Fiverr has always taken 20 percent of tips.

As a seller it can feel like a kick in the teeth (as Fiverr has already had their revenue from the order, so why take more money from my personal reward for a job well done?).

On the other hand I can understand how some buyers and sellers would try and arrange deals between them (I’ll place a $5 order but give you a $60 tip… that way as the buyer I pay less, and as the seller you receive more).

It’s just the way that Fiverr is. I think the system is fairly transparent. Fiverr takes 20 percent of all money paid to sellers.


Well, I have an issue with it because the tip is intended for me and the extra effort I put in, not for the site itself. The site, in my opinion, should be entitled to 20% of the initial transaction for facilitating it, not the tip. But the rules are the rules.


If you type “Fiverr taking 20% from tips” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on this much discussed topic.


Emotionally I agree with you.

But as I said, the system is fairly transparent if you (meaning everyone) chose to read the rules around tips.

It only comes as a shock to those sellers who sign up to Fiverr, and tick the box that says they’ve read and agree to everything - when in fact they haven’t!

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We all must have to agree with you. Fiverr is the company and we are the individual worker under this company. We come here to work/earn and before that we were agree all the terms and condition though.

Because they’re playground bullies snacking on your lunch money (just kidding). I think it’s to circumvent what others have already mentioned in the post. I honestly prefer that it’s a constant 20% throughout rather than say 10% for tips because that then might give a lot of people ideas to skirt around the loopholes which hurts both the platform and the integrity of sellers in the long run


I disagree.

  • Honest people won’t do this.

  • If 2 dishonest people do this, then they deserve each other. The dishonest buyer pays $5, accepts order, then leaves without tipping. The dishonest seller is out of money.

Dishonest seller has no one to turn to. Scammers beget scammers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In which case, it’s even BETTER that it’s taxed the same for the seller as well! Sorry, I didn’t have the wavelength to think about it from a scammer’s perspective haha.

Fiverr actually reminds the buyer that it’d be nice if they’ve left a tip. Multiple times. And suggests the amounts. So in a way, the platform is involved in the decision.

On the other hand, I don’t recall autosizing them to do that on my behalf.

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From a logical/business perspective I understand why Fiverr does it, but it boggles my mind how the forum in general just came to accept as the universal truth that they do it, because otherwise people would game the system.

I imagine going to a restaurant, and upon learning that management dips into the staff’s tipping jar, being told they do this cause otherwise staff would just undercharge patrons in order to receive the exceeding amount in the form of gratuity.

Yes, it’s a big market and some people would most likely do that, some of them would get scammed out of their money (karma working at its finest) and some would get away with it. Truth is it would be really easy to find a pattern and punish those doing that.

But, as a business owner, if someone were to tell me: Do you want to spend more money in order to make less money? I’d probably have the same posture as Fiverr does tbh, which is why I understand why they do it, but I think we need to stop making it sound like they have no choice cause most users would just jump in the first opportunity to scam the system in place in order to make a an extra 20% on what most likely would be a symbolic value to begin with.

Primarily working as a WordPress Developer I’d say I had access to over 90% of all my buyer’s emails. How many emails have I sent them? How many buyers have I tried to take away of the platform? And believe me when I say I’ve had more than a few legit buyers proposing it to me.

Edit: Ops, didn’t mean to direct that at you Gina


You are Right, also the Fiverr is right

This is a business brother. They also have the operational cost to run their business. If they don’t take percentage from us. How they will survive.

You are replying 2 months later. Maybe you didn’t notice.


It’s Fiverr rules!
As I know, They will take 20% of every income.

This has all been discussed 2 months ago!


So what? we can always share our thoughts, if the thread is open. Thank You

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It’s because of money transfers imagine, somebody hacked somebodys account ordered a gig for 5 usd and gave like few thousand tip just to transfer money. Thats the reason

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I understand it’s a business cost but tipping money is an entire different thing for the seller, tipping should be a personal extra earning from the buyer, Fiverr already take 20% from the gig I agree with that but not the tipping too frowning: I mean it’s a common-sense right? the boss shouldn’t take the waiter’s tips.

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I’m pretty sure it happened with other things too, we humans as a whole are a very adaptable species, can get used to pretty much anything if it goes on long enough, and probably, we just collectively accept such “truths” after having lost far too much time discussing and rediscussing them. It’s not acceptance of the fact per se but more an acceptance of “it’s probably not gonna change” and “I got more important things to do with my life, like keeping up with the latest meme thread” because “furrowed brows aren’t pretty but laughing is healthy”. :wink: