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Why Fiverr is the best Freelancers website!

I was thinking about this topic since weeks. How to explain easily that Fiverr is the best Freelancers website.

Well, first of all it is not “pay to win”. I mean, if you are rich, you are not advantaged like in other portals.

This thing is more important than you think, because it pushes toward a merit system. If you are talented you go ahead, you are considered and you are rewarded.

BUT at the same time this doesn’t exclude the new arrivals, that are helped and educated, so they can be included in this merit system.

Ok let’s think Fiverr from the customer view. You have a system that 100% gives you Quality, Efficiency, Professional Results and Very Fast! Also customers become part of this system and it’s difficult they go away since they find anything on Fiverr.

Myself, I am a seller and a buyer at the same time. I’ve got anything I want in Fiverr: being helped by Virtual Assistants, hired performers for my music productions, found talented singers for my songs! :slight_smile:

Thumbs up for Fiverr! :+1:


I think Fiverr is a great starting point for people who would like to try out freelancing, but as your business grows and you’re starting to get high paying customers, I think there are better alternatives.

I’ll leave the bugs & recent changes such as leveling system aside. These have been discussed enough :slight_smile:
I’ll give you 3 reasons why some sellers grow out of Fiverr.

#1 There’s no leveling system for commission
Personally I would like to see rewarding commission levels as your orders get bigger. For example, on some platforms if your service is above $500 you pay only 10% commission to the platform. Giving away 20% from $10 is not a big deal, but if your services are above $1000 then it makes a huge difference.

#2 Limited and confusing search options
Today I’m mostly a buyer on freelancing platforms and to be honest Fiverr’s search is quite frustrating.

  • The main reason is that it doesn’t have enough filters to narrow down your search.
  • And the existing filters are confusing, especially the level filters. On other platforms I can easily define seller’s success rate, order history, minimum rating etc. I don’t have to figure out what level 1 or 2 means and right now you can easily find a seller with 1K orders and near perfect rating on level 1.

#3 No long terms contracts nor recurring orders
I often hire people for 2-3 months and I’d really like to set up recurring payments for the work, but unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t support it. Why do I have to place a new order every time?
I also had the same frustration from seller side. Some people came to me every month for maintenance tasks and they always had to go through the payment process. I guess it depends on service, but outside of Fiverr most technical maintenance services are subscription based.

However, I do agree that Fiverr is one of the few platforms where you can offer almost anything at no cost. If you get some orders great, if not then at least you haven’t invested much money in it.

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Compared to what? Who made the evaluation and on what terms?

Are you sure that is the case? 100% of orders are delivered with quality, efficiency and professionalism? Then why there is a need to have the option to leave negative reviews? Why buyers can cancel orders? Why Sellers that don’t stick to the standard of the requirements get demoted? Why Sellers get banned without a warning?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Fiverr and I do believe it is a great platform, but I consider it a bit fictional to call it 100% perfect.

I do love some optimism, but when you support it with some facts. If we make pompous claims just to make it sound nice we are just kidding ourselves. :grinning:

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