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Why Fiverr is using an untransparent ranking policy?


Since the main competitors of Fiverr are using transparent ranking policies (by likes, number of sales, bumping, views, etc), Fiverr is using in the most happy scenario a chaos ranking policy, even if just a few TRSs are promoted for each category… Especially since Fiverr 3.0 update (a few years ago), this chaos ranking policy pushed out a lot of hard working sellers and the main competitors of Fiverr grow very fast, especially one (and I’m sure I’m not allowed to post it’s name - ehh… the freedom of speech).

Anyway, I noticed that the main difference between Fiverr and its main competitors is that the Fiverr management staff is represented by employees that are not former sellers, and the competition websites are managed by former and even current sellers (and I’m sure that most of them are former Fiverr sellers). They [competitors] know the best what are the Fiverr’s main vulnerabilities: untransparent ranking policy, ghost banning, favored sellers and other related things that are supposed to ensure a minimum quality for main listed services in Fiverr searches.

Fiverr (still) has a temporary advantage because it started first in this relative new industry of microjobs, but in next years it may go in high troubles if it will use an untransparent ranking policy that is not representing the sellers experiences and needs…

In the past Fiverr didn’t need ads to promote itself, because the services created by hard working sellers begun viral very fast. Now Fiverr is using ads… It’s a clear sign that its management policy related to ranking is wrong for the most sellers (especially for the hard working sellers), and it’s good for only a few tens of sellers who have featured gigs…


Breaking News: Successful business and market leader has copycats and competitors.
In other news: Grass is green and water is wet.
Sports: An American team has won the Baseball World Series for the billionth time in a row.

Regarding the advertising/promotion, can you please list a few big companies (bonus points if they also cater to retail) who don’t advertise?
Regarding the (slightly veiled) accusations, please see my other comments where you have previously said the same things…

  1. Don’t forget that you’re only a moderator here, even if it’s very possible to not get a penny for the work you’re doing… So asking me to write even a single name of a Fiverr’s competitor could cost your status (even more)…

It’s just a friendly advice, nothing more…

  1. I don’t understand why you and only a few other sellers (especially TRSs with featured gigs) are desperate to hide some bad facts about Fiverr (like the untransparent ranking policy)…

  1. I didn’t



Congrats for moving the attention off topic!


Seriously, why are you so angry all the time? If Fiverr works, it works. If it doesn’t work, we will move on. 3 years ago I had no idea that people could make money from the internet. Now, I have made tens of thousands of dollars - all from Fiverr. Who knows what’s going to happen in the next 3 years? You just have to look at your current options and do the best you can. Right now Fiverr is working fine for me. If it doesn’t at some stage, I will move on.


It’s only a present point of view. Later you’ll think different, especially when your gigs will get no impressions anymore from Fiverr, even if you’ll bring lots of external traffic to your gigs and you’ll keep old returning customers for years…


I responded directly to a part of your post and asked a question regarding it.
Other parts of the post are repeats of what you have said before and I have responded to them before so no point going over them.
I then responded directly to your comment.

Get over the ranking system, you can’t control it nor will anything you say change it.
Why do you expect Fiverr to be different to Google, Bing, Amazon and every other search based site who do not specifically lay out their ranking systems? All that would happen if they laid it out is that it would be copied by competitors and then there would be a whole stream of people trying to manipulate the rankings.
When Google pointed out that links count in their ranking system suddenly there were thousands of people spreading mass links to and from irrelevant sites undermining Google’s core aim which was to make their results the most relevant. The same would happen with Fiverr so that is why it is never going to happen.


False! Fiverr is not a search engine like Bing, or Yahoo.

How can somebody to manipulate the ranking if the system will list the searches by the number of reviews, or likes, or views, bookmarked/collected, or the BUMP feature would be available?

At the beginning (in first years) these criterias was used by Fiverr for ranking and every sellers who worked hard was happy. Now only the permanent featured sellers are happy.

Also and unfortunately, now it’s spreading the idea that posting a lot on this forum (it doesn’t matter what, just to grow the number of replays is important), will help sellers to rank higher.


I didn’t say it was a search engine, it is a search based site like the others.
There are already people who try to manipulate it based on what they have heard works - bookmark generation scripts, buying reviews etc.

I wasn’t here back then so I don’t know but I know I am happy, the many success stories on the Forum show others who are happy. Just spoke to a newish seller I placed an order with and he is happy with how he has got so much work so quickly.

Yes, some are not happy as they do not have enough work but the onus is on them to get work. Fiverr is just a platform which generates a huge volume of traffic for sellers.
Who knows how people are chosen to be featured? None of us. Maybe they have specific criteria for that which they will not reveal for the same reasons as mentioned above. You and I do not know what that could be and taking wild guesses and throwing out conspiracy theories will get neither of us anywhere.
Those of us in niches that are overpopulated will find it more difficult.
Diversify, evolve, step out, try something new.


By the way, the term “Conspiracy Theory” was invented by the CIA in 1967 in order to prevent disbelief of official Government Stories…

Somebody from the Fiverr staff (and I’m sure he/she/they was/were not seller(s), but instead has some licenses in management, business and marketing fields), thought a few years ago that they should focus on growing the Fiverr members community, and since then they are offering more impressions to new members/sellers (but not too much, just a little, to get their first sales - this is why they are happy).

Accordingly to this policy (that seems to be leaked from Fiverr Customer Support - you can find a debate on forum a few years ago, after fiverr 3.0 update), in theory, Fiverr should increase its revenues, but in practice it runs for TV ads to get new customers… waw…

And guess why?
Accordingly to Alexa, the new Fiverr status shows that the traffic tends to come more and more from countries like
**** **** ****. The new sellers and buyers from these countries are creating the most troubles, most of them are looking to cheat the system via multiple accounts, they are spending low budgets and are looking for refunds (including via Paypal).

On other websites I reject almost all buyers from these countries, and not to discriminate them, but to avoid to be cheated by people who almost all are looking to get free work. It’s useless to work with only a few very good buyers from these countries while hundreds or thousands are looking to cheat the system (also, the most refunds of mine are done to people from these countries - it’s a reality, not a discrimination).

So, the policy to grow the number of fiverr members (sellers and buyers) and help them with impressions, brought most sellers and buyers from these countries. Another problem related to them is linked to poor quality services (thousands of gigs with spammy services, views, likes and other 3rd party ToS violation services). And the main consequence is that buyers from ***** **** avoid to buy, to spend the same budgets like in old times. Many of them are considering Fiverr a scam site now, and they spend the money on more expensive services from other [more expensive] freelancing websites.

I know that the markets from ************* have a high revenue potential, but there only local marketplaces succeded. For example, Fiverr can’t hope to get even a little percent of Alibaba’s chinese marketplace since the staff management didin’t worked and don’t have a local (chinese) education & culture. Same for India or Pakistan…

More over, with this strategy (to penetrate the *********** markets), Fiverr is destroying not only the revenues of sellers (anyway, Fiverr don’t care about sellers), but it destroys the quality and reputation of its [Fiverr] services. And low quality services means that the top/main buyers will leave to other freelancing websites…

Maybe in a few days some serious [hard working] sellers, (not affiliated or permanent featured sellers) will see this topic to debate it, unless the same tens of permanent comenting sellers will flag my posts to hide the discuss about the engine of sales: the ranking system (that would be simple: more reviews = more impressions).

Mod Note: Portons were flagged and were edited.


My grass is brown at the moment.



Exhibit A : You claim that you don’t have a lot of sales after the Fiverr policy change.
Exhibit B : You claim that you are tired of offering a lot of refunds.

Discrepancy : You need to have a lot of sales, to be in a position to offer a lot of refunds. :joy:


I have a ranking system for Fiverr forum users that I can make entirely transparent if that helps? Though I’d probably get put in the forum penalty box and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it.



I read this in a few of your posts now, could you please elaborate on how and why you think this is being done by Fiverr, apart from the use against spammers and such?
Wouldn´t legit users who´d be ghostbanned eventually notice that nobody ever reacts to them? The way you list ghost banning with those other points seems to mean you think Fiverr uses it to manipulate ranking, but I can´t quite see how that is possible, isn´t ghost-banned or not ghost-banned a binary thing, and then you couldn´t use it to rank people higher or lower, but only to rank them or not rank them?
Probably I´m missing something there or not understand it right, just curious.

I agree on the general ranking transparency issue, transparency on ranking and the workings of search would be quite nice, still, looking at a handful of fiverr-like options I chose fiverr, to me there seem to be pros and cons to all of the options, for some people the company that seems more transparent might be the best option, for others the company that doesn´t force you to use your real name and profile picture, or the company that doesn´t take money already before you even sold one gig, some have an inexplicable liking for non copycats or simply prefer the one colour and interface over the other…I guess people choose ‘their’ company depending on their own ‘ranking’ of those pros and cons.

Is fiverrs ranking policy actually that intransparent compared to similar companies, or is it just not communicated in the way other companies communicate it?

For the convenience of people who don´t know the term ‘ghost banning’, quotes from Techopedia:

Definition - What does Ghost Banning mean?

Ghost banning is a process through which a user is invisibly banned from a social network, website or online community. Ghost banning enables an administrator to ban a user while still providing that user with the ability to browse through and use the available features, while still preventing the user from interfering with other users.

Techopedia explains Ghost Banning

Ghost banning first emerged in large social networks. It was implemented to identify, monitor and eliminate spammers and restrict their activities. For example, a ghost banned user can access the social network, review updates from his or her connections, etc., but none of that user’s activity, such as content or link sharing, is visible to connections or even general subscribers. This enables the website administrator to segregate spammers from the lot and to put suspicious users under scrutiny until their activities are on par with the terms and conditions of the site in question.



What you’re doing is disinformation…


I know that for many people what I wrote seems to be a Star Trek era, but it’s from present…

ps: what I don’;t understand is that why the flagging system is permited to some members to abuse it behind reasons like [false] discrimination, [false] advertising and anything else that can enjoy some members to write and flag posts in the absence of a better life & activities…


If you don’t feel that “Conspiracy Theory” is the correct term then do you know if the CIA have a term which describes when someone:

  • Makes outlandish claims with no proof
  • Describes these claims as fact
  • Belittles or insults those who disagree
  • Ignores legitimate questions of the claims
  • Changes the focus to other matters when questioned while simultaneously accusing others of changing the subject
  • Blames others/“the system” for their problems
  • Says they are being censored by the powers that be in order to hide their claims, when in fact it is the personal insults and race related comments that are removed - just like everyone else

If your wish came true then surely the results would favor TRS sellers and those who have been here a long time as opposed to the best sellers. This would make it impossible for new sellers to come here and the whole site would stagnate over time. Even though we don’t know the system we can see that somehow it allows new sellers to get business and be successful, for example, @donnyvoice who went from new seller to full time seller in 5 months and has over 1000 reviews in less than 9 months! (Well done Donny!)
In addition, there are people like me who focus on higher value sales rather than quantity of sales - with your system someone who earns $100 from 20 x $5 sales would be favored over me who may have $1000 in 3 orders.
Your ranking system would indeed be simple but it would make the site useful for just 10-20 sellers in each category, which is what you claim it does now despite the evidence to the contrary.

I have sought to debate this subject with you but you don’t engage in debate, you reject all opinion that differs from your own and ignore any questions about it. I can assure you that I am a serious [hard working] seller who has never been featured and is not affiliated to Fiverr in any way. I help moderate the forum which gives me a couple of additional features to use here but that is it. The only difference it makes to what I say here is that I am nicer and more tolerant to people who post things I disagree with than I would be if I didn’t have the badge. This is a personal choice and simply because I know people are more likely to report a Moderator than a regular user if the Moderator says something too harsh.


Arguing with you and a few others I feel that I’m in the situation of Trump when he’s accused by getting help from russian hackers…

ps: keep [protect] your closed circle and reject all others who are not obedient to your opinions!!! Maybe that way will ensure the same search results for years (the same sellers listed).