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Why Fiverr let me list 7 gigs only?

I’m newbie seller, I can not find answer why fiverr let me list 7 Gigs only? :frowning:

You have to build a reputation with 7 gigs.
Because the cost of server maintenance and it was very expensive marketplace script

Don’t worry! Once you hit Level 1, you’ll be allowed to offer more Gigs. In the meantime, you can create custom Gig offers through responding to Buyer Requests.

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Fiverr doesn’t want you to get overwhelmed. concentrate on your gigs. For example, I see you have this gig: I will 200 Ebooks Collection Pack1 with ReSell Rights

And this gig:
I will 200 Ebooks Collection Pack2 with ReSell Rights

Why not combine them into one? Then your gig extra can be pack 2?

Thanks, excellent idea.

Don’t worry ! It depend on levels

Excelent :slight_smile:!

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There should be some direct reasons for that I don’t know … but it seems that most of new members can’t handle more than 7 successful gigs. However, having only 7 gigs is just temporary in the beginning stage before being a Level-one seller.

For me in my opinion it is not a limitation, but it pushes me to be a bit creative in merging many similar services in one gig as 3 packages with 3 prices, plus the gig extras that can be added in each gig.

As a seller as allowed to rich every single gig with packages and extras, it becomes easier for a buyer to compare and decide. :wink: