Why fiverr not blocking the hacked account?


Hello Friends,

My fiverr account hacked by someone on march 12th, he withdrawn my fiverr earnings to his paypal and made unnecessary gig orders. On march 12th there were some amount yet to credited to my fiverr account. Now he logging in again and again to my account probably he withdrawing the money which are getting credited to the account. He deleted all my year old gigs from my account.

I have already launched complaint regarding this and forwarded the necessary evidences to the customer agent but still the hacked person accessing my account. Why fiverr not blocking the account that has issue??? :frowning: :frowning: I am really suffering lot due to this and last reply I got from customer support on march 13th after that I didnt got any reply to know the status.


It is easy to advice me but the problem is customer support delaying the process and they are not even the blocking account. Where should I post my experience if the customer support not even blocking the account??? this is worst. I am ashamed of being the fiverr member, poor customer support.


Why fiverr not helping to the save the money there in my hacked account?? I didnt got any reply from them yet after I am producing all necessary details and evidences


You know, nothing we can do or say can or will help you. Best be patient and wait for Fiverr support. Nothing we can do on our end on the forums.


Reply to @mrspanda: Yes, I know that but I do want to spread the message that fiverr is going nowhere near the perfect system with it’s compromised security.


Reply to @bachas85: This message has been the recent message since many days. This is not recent, thats a status message of fiverr customer support. Thanks for your info.


I dont know whether you are still checking this thread or not but i would like to help you :slight_smile: yes i can do!! :slight_smile: well the first thing is how many $s you have in your hacked fiverr account ?? and have you ever withdraw payment from your old account to your paypal ?? as you mention that the account was made years ago!! so have you withdraw your funds ever ?? customer support will help you but will need some solid info that you are the real owner of that account!! so here what you need to prove them!! 1st add a request on customer support!! and mention the fowling message to them!! :slight_smile: please cut the bracket parts by using your info!!

"Hello! My (add a fiverr account link here ) was hacked in march!! i am not able to login into my account since then and the hacker is making useless gigs on my account (if he is doing)!! I am a (add your level number here) seller!! i have money in my account!! and want the account back!! As I can acknowledge that you people might have a question that how can we trust that I am the owner of the account so you can check the following things then

  1. Please check that before 12th march on which IP address and location the account is getting used and after the 12th march the ip address must be changed because the hacker obviously will don’t have the same ip as mine my IP address is (add your ip address )
  2. please look into my account info that the hacker may change the email address when he hacked my account!! please look into that the account that was any changes done to the email in march ? my email from which i created the account is (add your email here that you used while creating your old fiverr hacked account3!!)
  3. My old password that i use to get login into my account before it got hacked is (add your old password here that you was using to get login into it before it got hacked "

    These things will help them in recognizing you as a owner so they will belive you however if the hacker withdrawed your payments then they might not be able to refund you with the money inside your account before it got hacked they only might be able to give you the account access!! :slight_smile: or whatever you want to do with the account