Why Fiverr Not Promote Me On Level 1


I have about 13 of 5 Star Review
But Fiverr not promote me on level 1
Please help me


No one HERE can help you in this regard.
Contact Customer Support and submit a ticket.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


Just keep up the good work, stay active, deliver on time, be polite and you will be promoted to level 1 soon. You have to be active for at least 30 days and completed at least "10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings ".


Thank you
They are saying its automated system


Thank you Gamunu
I’m active on fiverr 30 days and completed at least "14 orders while maintaining excellent all of 5 Star ratings ".


It depends as well of percentage of cancellations


Hey sorry for your experience.

Fiverr promotion is automated okay. The customer service rep told you the truth. Please don’t doubt him or her.

From the look of things, maybe your response rate and or order completion rate is low.

This also happened to me earlier but when I started noticing these parameters, I got promoted from level 0 to level 2 within a very short time. I think in less than a month.

So be patient, treat your clients well, have low cancellation rate and you would be promoted soon.

Wish you best of luck.



It took me 5 months and over 110 completed orders to get to level 2. Deliver awesome service and don’t worry about the little things in life.


Same here completed 37 order with 5 star rating but still I am a new seller lol


Thank you
response rate and order completion rate 100%

but my bad luck


That’s weird…

Just keep satisfying your buyers. In my case I got to level 1 when it was long over due and I got to level 2 just a week after that.

Though I kept delivering awesome service to My clients.

I hope this helps…