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Why fiverr not providing gig statistic over mobile application?


have anyone idea why Fiverr not providing gig statistic in mobile application…? if it good if we can check that over mobile application…!


The app is not intended to replace the full site. The app seems to be a tool to use as a way to answer messages while out. It does have a few other helpful features but the full site is made for all account and gig management.


i agreed with you but now world changed. Everyone have busy now days. as take example about me when i have free(like traveling, etc), i thinking about my next step business plan so that time i have no desktop access therefore i open mobile and note everything and start work when i reach over my desktop. and that exactly save my lots of time. now, i think you will understood what i am telling.(in short, Fiverr should provide that kind of facilities into mobile application).
thanks you.


You could just use a mobile browser for that. I’m working now on Chrome for Kindle. The app is not sufficient for me and it’s low priority compared to maintaining critical functions and answering Support tickets. That’s my opinion on it.


You do realize that you can access the full desktop version of Fiverr even via your phone, right? As mentioned by @fonthaunt, you can use a web browser on your mobile to open Fiverr’s desktop version (through which you have complete access to all tools and options available on the website). Even when you are on your mobile phone, you don’t really have to rely on Fiverr’s mobile App anymore.

You are right… The world has changed! Nowadays, you don’t need a desktop/laptop to access the desktop version of websites. :slight_smile:


Yeah thanks…! @hanshuber16, @fonthaunt your both advise really great, i liked it and i will use it in future…:smiley:
But after that, As another point of view then there are no advantage of having application…!


I do like to have the app loaded on my phone just as a backup for notifications and messages. If I only have a moment I can look at notifications and they’ll be accurate about 75% of the time. I may or may not read them on the app, but with the app on my phone home page I see a count. I don’t rely on it longer than 8 hrs since it’s not always right, but I’ve gotten sales by responding to buyers faster after seeing a message.

There’s a use for all the tools. I just don’t rely on a keychain screwdriver to build a house. I don’t expect a small utility to do everything. :slight_smile: