Why fiverr orders are Down?


fiverr orders are down . i am not getting any orders since 7 days . before that everything was alright . when this problem will be resolved ??



is there any specific time mentioned that when this problem will be resolved ?


I don’t wanna be rude but you have like 70 reviews…I was lucky to get an order every third or fourth as a level two a year ago.
Let’s not blame Fiverr for everything.


No offense bro but I am constantly trying everything to get my gigs back on business. But nothings working .


I’m pretty sure you haven’t “tried everything”. Have you been promoting and marketing your gigs elsewhere online to your target customers? Have you taken out ads?

Have you run a television or radio campaign.

Exactly. You haven’t tried everything. :wink:


You’ve got great reviews and some solid gigs, so they should come back again when fiverr stop playing games. Get on to Buyer Requests and see if there are people looking for what you do. Social media is also a good one to get people to your gigs.


Sir i am constantly trying to promoting the gigs . facebook twitter linkedin and other social media websites . but nothing happens . are u having any other good idea ? i’ll be really thankfull for that


Run ads. Paid ads - like facebook or twitter ads


i am constantly trying buyers request options but no responce . as i also provide very cheap offers but still there is no responce . any other good suggestion for me ?


Merely posting links to your gigs on social media is not going to help you. You need to be promoting your services to your target customers. Your social media friends are not likely to be your customers. For social media marketing to work, you need to be connected to the people who need your services.

What you have been doing is NOT marketing your gig. You’ve just been plastering your links to your friends on social media, and hoping someone will buy from you. That’s a terribly ineffective way to promote your gigs.

Figure out who your target customers are, and then go promote to them.


What are search algorithm for current time, have any distinguished rule?


i mostly mail to customers with greetings and tell them about my new offers . but in rare cases that helps me out . is there any particular type of buyers groups where i can present my services to them ?


Seriously. YOU need to figure out who YOUR target customers are. I don’t know this. You do. It’s your business – your services that you are offering. Figure out who you’re trying to sell to, and go promote to them. It’s as simple as that.

How you choose to promote to those target customers is called “marketing”. Again, this is YOUR responsibility, not mine. YOU need to figure out your business, figure out who you want to sell to, and go find those people. There is no easy, magical, “I have millions of sales” formula. Work hard, reach your customers, and build your business from there.


Mine are not down due to repeat clients.


well, that is a good plan of yours. But I am newbie in fiverr marketplace, first I need to manage a huge number of buyers.


I think that setting up a blog is a great way to attract buyers, Write a few hundred words a few times a week that talk about your expertise and what you can do for people - a bit more human than a sales page, though. Make sure it links to your fiverr gigs and promote it as much as possible. This means people get to read about what you can do (with real-life examples) rather than just hear you telling them how great you are.