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Why fiverr returned the order funds to buyers?

Recently, I got 2 buyers. They each placed an order but after I delivered the results, fiverr cancelled the orders and said that the order funds have been returned to buyers. Why did they do that? How to prevent this problem? It’s so sad to know that I could’t get my money though I did the jobs perfectly.

I’m so mad right now, if these problems are because they ordered my gig though they don’t put money in their paypal account. I hope those buyers reap what they sow.

Ouch, that’s tough to hear. No way of knowing in advance which buyers will do this to you!

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your info. Because Fiverr doesn’t fight this kind of fraud, I think I need to protect myself. This is not fair :frowning:

Reply to @hedwigstudio: It’s not that Fiverr doesn’t fight it. They simply can do nothing about it other than ban that user. It’s out of their hands.

Reply to @hedwigstudio: I had to go through this YET AGAIN this morning, i think it’s the 2th time in the past 3 months that someones files a dispute and gets their money back, usually with orders worth more than 5 bucks.

Last time it was a $25 order and this time, I don’t know… I didn’t even bother to check which dumbass did it this time, I’m honestly not even gonna ruin my mood.

It happen with me one buyer bought logo and told me and gave negative review, and I refund money he will become happy. he got logo and money aswell. sometime we get such buyer. what we will do with this.