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Why Fiverr Sales went down?


I am using Fiverr from last two years.
I have done a lot of projects here. I was earning 2000$/month. My main domain is web developer but from last 3-4 month unfortunately I only 1000$. This is a worrying sign for me. I think Fiverr is also losing his place. Sales gone down.
I have 20000 impressions and 1000 clicks per month and I have now 700. I used all the ways which I used before but nothing is working

I hope Fiverr will sort out the issue and will take us out from this problem.


Here’s why, in case you haven’t seen the big blue notice at the top of the forum:


Blue notice means.
My fiverr profile haven’t blue notice


Not your profile. The big blue notice on the forum site. You probably closed it without realizing… Just read the first post of the above link I sent you.


OK. Woofy.

Thank you very much.