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Why Fiverr says I´m not playing fair?

I´m really sad and disappointed. I have been a Fiverr user for a year, and two months ago, I started selling. I got level one quite easily, but, after 2 months with more than 70 orders and 100% excelent rating, I´ve not been promoted at level 2. I asked support and they say "The system has detected some activities that caused you to lose your Levels badge eligibility, specifically related to your ratings and performance from previous orders"

I don´t understand what´s the problem, I always played fair, all my clients are happy with my services, and I´ve been working very hard, last two weeks, even more than 10 hours/day (my main gig is article writing, so I´ts not easy).

I´m devastated with this answer, I´ve lost my motivation and I´m cancelling my orders. Someone had this problem before?

I faced this when I was a level 1 seller. It was because I suggested the user some other site because he wasn’t able to find a solution here.

Because of this my status was taken back.

They said diverting the users away from fiverr was violating the rules.

So you can remember what you did before. It doesn’t matter if the clients were ok with you. Just take care while you share something and read the rules to ensure you don’t break any of them. About he status, you will get it back in sometime.

Also have you contacted the support for specific reason?

Thanks for your reply. I´m sure I´ve been very careful with the TOS. I never contacted any client outside Fiverr (even I encouraged my own clients to buy my service in Fiverr losing a 20%). I followed the rules and work very, very hard. That´s why I´m so frustrated. Fiverr have been the center of my life last two months, and I had some big plans to keep on growing with new gigs and services.

I contacted support just because I was not promoted at level 2 and I had all the required conditions.I honestly think that if there are more factors involved in getting level 2, should be public. Something like “2 months, 50 orders, excellent rating and Fiverr approvement”.

the level 2 transition is automatic as mentioned in the levels page. it is not hidden or anything.

You can request the specific reason for that from the support.

In my case, they said they would give it back after sometime and also monitored if I was following the rules.

So I highly suggest if you can’t figure out the reason, ask the support. Soon you will ge to the level 2. it is not that hard to achieve.

Wow, I´ve just been promoted right now!! I´ll keep using the forum, it´s really useful!

ROFL. I’ve got the power. :)>-