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Why Fiverr shoing me this page


Hi there… can you explain this

Today fiverr showing me like this many times. Is it any warning for me?

Auto Refresh Extension”

I’d think it’s because you’re using a Chrome extension to ‘stay online’ as you mentioned here:


So I’m safe? And the automatic refreshing extension is safe for using my account?


Not if it thinks you’re a bot and has blocked your access - no. :wink:


Please explain clearly! I can’t understand you?

Do you use any extension like that?


No - nobody needs to run an extension like that. As you’ve found all it’ll do is cause you problems.


Either you are using VPN or you are using auto refresh to keep fiverr profile auto online


I’m using auto refreshing extension


Yes - that’s what’s causing the problem. :scream:


Yes! You are right :slight_smile: @rasheduzzaman57 remove it


Okay. Thank you both for your valuable comments


This is based on the myth that you need to be “online” to get sales, that somehow Fiverr prioritizes your gigs when you are “online”. I’ve never used any of those extensions and I’ve gotten plenty of orders. Trick is, you need to be reviewing your gigs regularly. I check my gig descriptions and pricing almost twice per month and make adjustments.


Duplicated Topic: Why happening it? .