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Why Fiverr showing me (Ratings N/A)

I have an issue with my ratings
why Fiverr showing me (Ratings N/A)
I have 5-star ratings but for being level one seller they are showing me ratings N/A and also on my app and seller dashboard ratings N/A.
Tell me what are the reasons?

Because the dashboard ratings are based on the last 60 days. If you haven’t had any review in the last 60 days it has no reviews to base the 60 day average on.

If you have a review today, that will most likely make the dashboard stats change tomorrow morning when the stats are recalculated as they’re only recalculated once a day I think (at least the dashboard rating stats are I think).


I have 5 star ratings from those 60 days and yesterday too
ratings were showing me but not now
i have notice it almost from 3 weeks

What was the date of the last review before todays/yesterdays (the one that says 11 hours ago)? Are you sure it was <60 days ago?

If you think it’s incorrect you could contact CS through the helpdesk about it and they’d fix it if it’s wrong I think, but it will (or should) recalc it anyway tomorrow because of the review from 11 hours ago.

I am using Fiverr from September 2019
check these rating time

I’m just wondering if you know the actual dates of those reviews that say “2 months ago” - as that “2 months ago” is just approximate I think. eg. it could be 2.4 months ago (or some other amount slightly > 2 months / >60 days), and if it is, then it’s >60 days ago which is why they’re not included in the dashboard rating stats.

If you can view the order for those, you should at least see the date the order was delivered (it doesn’t show the actual date of the review I think). But if you can see the rough date it was delivered or can see anywhere where it shows the actual date of the review, that could tell you if they’re within 60 days of today or not (and so whether they should have been included in the dashboard stats or not).

But you can contact CS to have them check it, but it should show 5 stars average on the dashboard tomorrow anyway because of the one from 11 hours ago (or 16 hours ago as it shows on your screenshot - it showed that as 11 on my screen).

Really Sorry
my mistake

I just want to know that when i completed that (maintain 5 star ratings) so why they had not green tick on this(means completed this task for being for level 1 seller)

I assume because the last time the (daily) dashboard rating calculation was run it probably didn’t see any ratings from the last 60 days (I’m guessing those ones that say “2 months ago” are slightly over 60 days).

Maybe if the avg rating in the last 60 days is N/A it just doesn’t show the tick. Maybe they expect you to have ratings in the last 60 days (that are high enough on average) to advance to the next level and since there were none found within that date range it didn’t tick it.

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