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Why fiverr shows $0 even when i have earned $4

i have completed my first order on fiverr a week ago and the buyer also marked it as completed but then also fiverr shows $0 in my account here i am attached the screenshot

Have you checked on Analytics & Revenues? Remember Fiverr takes from 10-14 days to do the clearing of your earnings, this mean you will be able to withdraw that money after that time, it will appear in the side of your nickname once it’s cleared not before :slight_smile:

ciellchan is right . When order is completed fiverr gives you the message that you earned 4$ but it will show up in your balance in 6-10 days . Then you will be able to withdraw . Dont worry fiverr Will not withhold to your single penny …

If you go to you can probably see that amount waiting there to be cleared.

Well, it seems you are new to fiverr. But dear, don’t worry like other fellas as said. Your earnings like fiverr will say is in the OVEN…paypal takes 14days to clear and void of any kind of charge back and that’s when your earnings will be withdraw able. So, get to work and get other buyers begging to come back for more!