Why Fiverr Shows That i'm in Offline? Not Showing Circle Green Signal on Profile picture


I have refresh my chrome web browser many time’s. But It does not showing the circle green signal on my profile. After trying many time’s i have test another web browser that is Mozilla FireFox. But it also give me same result. I have also try logout/login. What do I do?

Advance Thanks!


I had the same issue after the site came back online the other day. I had to log out of everything, mobile devices and browsers. (I am usually logged in on my tablet and phone and and at times two browsers.)

After I logged out of everything and logged back on to Fiverr, then it showed me online.


Thank you for share your experience!


You’re welcome! I hope you got it resolved.


If you go to settings under your profile image at the top of the page you can check if you are online.


Thanks a lot. I got it resolved