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Why Fiverr Stats Dropping?



I am not as big as compare to you in the race of Fiverr Seller but i am thankful to Fiverr for giving me such a beautiful journey where i am learning and earning as well.

Before last week, i was getting lot of orders, but since a week my stats are keep on dropping, my impressions used to stay between 3000 to 4000, clicks were around 100 to 150.i didn’t make any changes in my gig. But yeah my delivery is dropped to 86 from 92. But it dropped before too but i had never seen such big drops in my stats. Anything from Fiverr or what is happening?


Sales are always and up and down. Wait your impressions will up soon…


same here ! plus we noticed a -28$ in the earnings marker in feb , no cancellations happened . Anyone knows what does it mean?


Cool I’ll wait to see update soon


Same happening to me


Same here. No enquiries no sales at all. I had almost 7 to 8k impressions and now they are like 300 to 400.


I am guessing Fiverr is making wome changes, I thought it’s only with me but now i see lot of others too here.


yeah same , guess they are changing something , let’s wait and see what we get


Though it’s already been week seeing such situation.


I guess the only answer is to be patient. I hope things change for you soon. I’m hoping for some more sales soon too; it would be a real help!


Yeah hoping for best


Yes let’s see. But right now it’s really frustrating and demotivating.


This is frustrating really, I get bothered day by day! Impressions above 3000 suddenly reduced to 800 and maintains red arrow downwards everyday. Not getting orders anymore, no more sales hence, staying a long number of days without sales and this isn’t good for the Fiverr profile too.


I am having same issue, I do not receive messages for a while now and my stats showing 2days response rate…What do you advice I do as well? Thank you


It has never happened before. Almost 20 days without a single message from new buyer. I think we should all contact CS. So they cannot ignore this issue.


Is this because January February are always slow on spending on internet? Maybe after a Long holidays buyers are not willing to work for these two months?


We do have confirmation that they’re trying out a new ranking algorithm, so that may contribute to some of this issue.


I have sent 2 e-mails to CS wanting to know what went wrong with my gig suddenly, no response yet.


Sales are sometimes high and low. Waiting for your impressions will higher shortly…


They just replied but they don’t have any proper answer.