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Why Fiverr Stats Dropping?


Please share let’s see whatever it is :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Can you please share what they gave shared with you regarding the changes in algorithm. As I have asked them thrice but they have the same old answer. That nothing is going on. Your gig is visible and all that


I believe multiple forum uses have said that CS told the something (not sure what) is being tested for the rankings.


That’s true bro. But this time it’s a huge change. I mean 3000 impression dropped to 30 all of sudden.


Today i see my gig impression and clicks picking up. Anyone else?


I have got the same reply form CS again.

The Fiverr marketplace is growing day by day, and hundreds of new sellers are creating thousands of new gigs. You cannot expect to sit down and wait for orders to come, or that new user will notice your gig if you don’t invest any effort in it.
You can start by promoting your Gig on your social networks using the buttons on your Gig page. Do the market research to help improve your Gig’s conversion rate. This may help you to discover and improve things about your Gig that might be causing a buyer to select another seller’s Gig instead. By doing enough market research to determine what to improve on, your sales will improve.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the Buyer Requests section; this is a goldmine for sellers to obtain buyers and increase the popularity of their Gigs.


Hi, did you promote gig or it suddenly began to increase again?


yes same problem with me but hope it very soon it will be get better


I did nothing :frowning::thinking: no idea what’s going on


Do you have anything below 90%.


All my stats are 100 100 100 5.0. Don’t know what’s up


Anyone’s stats picking up?


Still reducing… How’s yours?


getting worst day by day :frowning:


by our weekly charts the arrows are green again but due to the fact that the other week basically no traffic got trough , the numbers are still low


Hello. Unfortunately stats are always changing, sometimes for no good reason. Just keep doing your best, promote your gig, be online, send buyers requests and the stats will go up again. We have all been there!

Maria S.


What i found my online status was set to offline after Application update. No idea since when it was offline. I turned it on yesterday and my stats getting back.


any improvement in the stats ?


Stats dropping again


Same story. Last two months impressions are going down.
In my opinion it happened after new search algorithm.