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Why Fiverr Stats Dropping?


same situation with my gigs although i am promoting them daily but they are going to down :frowning:



what happening after reading tons of reply i am also including its been almost 20 Days there is not even a single buyer message what is happening …? i have almost 1+k good review i saw my gig in last page


my gig was on first page few days ago
suddenly it went down a lot and the impressions are decreasing continuously
anyone know what’s happening here?
why this big changes all of a sudden?


hl… it maybe going because of fiverr new system . last 7 days ago my impression was gone 20k …and every thing was so high . but now its getting lower.


I have created a new gig on same niche. I will analyze few thongs and update you guys here.


the same thing happening with me, i contacted fiverr CS and they say its all ok and gig is normal. But still my gigs are not showing on specific keywords.


may be it is happen after every 60 days impressions, clicks and stats dropping and high !


Anyone picking up now?


no luck, let me show you magic.
search for “business cards” choose best seller category and you’ll find new sellers in BEST SELLER category :frowning:


That’s true if you search for remove malware then you will find some wordpress optimization gigs there


Finally i m ranking again


What did you do to solve this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem since almost 2 months


I changed the description made it more clear and to the point i changed the image in fact i created 2 more images and added to gallery i copied the high ranked gig’s tags and after 1 week boom


is it still going well , we did a period of like 4 days and then all went down again