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Why fiverr support is unresponsive for sellers?

My inbox is got disabled 5 days ago I have submitted request to fiverr support and still no action have been taken I Have sent so many messages to fiverr support but none of them attended or replied

I m losing my business my client want to chat with me regarding their order and Simply I can not talk to them as they dont even know that my inbox is disabled but they still can send me messages but i can not read or reply them

Its my humble request to fiverr support resolve the issue and enable my inbox ASAP

this is my Request #1126173

You have high rating and you are old member, Why your inbox got disabled?
Did you spam or something?

I’ve been waiting forever on a money issue. I wouldn’t mind this type of wait time if Fiverr only took $0.50 off every dollar, but they take 20%. All these other features are LESS important to me than customer service because they all bug up.

Sending them many messages regarding one topic is considered as spam. Maybe they will not reply you. Try on fiverr facebook page.

Did you look back at the help page where you submitted the ticket? I’ve found answers to some of my open tickets on that page even though I didn’t realize they had replied. I don’t know if that could be happening with you, but it’s worth a try.

average is 4,5 days. Since i’m level 2 and in fiverr TOS they said higher level will have quick respond than level 1 and level 0, i see the same XD

A few months ago the Fiverr Support took 1-2 days max to response. Probably they have a lot of requests.

Will see probably a better response time in the future

Fiverr isn’t responsive. Like at all. I haven’t been able to withdraw my money for over a week. I think they literally have a customer service “staff” of two people.

Yeah nowadays Fiverr customer support did not reply as early as they do before