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Why fiverr support is very bad with no respect?



why fiverr support for technical support not good

i had problem with my seller about the resell right

he promised me to give me the file for resell right

and then he said cant and no and like that after i spend with him

over 200 Dollars with him only i contact fiverr support in first they said its not they biz

and give seller chance and contact with him again and bla bla bla

how this when the seller in the gigs he mention about this file always to me ?

i did and he contact with fiverr support and they said anything he sell on fiverr

i have the right to buy it i replay yes i know but how about my resell right

they didn’t replay i keep send replay and i have been month no one replay

and i sent in the same ticket around more 4 replay with no answer ?

a;; i ask is i9 want to confirmed about this songs i have now i can resell them

no one answer . i have so bad experience with fiverr now and i really i feel

i just wast my money here with over 2500 Dollars i spend in all the gigs here or maybe more

i was planing to tell my story in media and CNN to warning the people to not use fiverr

but i was here over one year i have emotion to here and i feel i am member of here

how can they change and respect specially the person who spend his money

he who pay money for seller and to fiverr too so why no respect

looking for replay from people who work in fiverr and from other people too



Galpgaree, you’ll be happy to know that the Fiverr customer service folks are AMAZING.

And if anything, they’re trying to maintain a delicate balance that is most certainly ON YOUR SIDE (as a the buyer) at the end of the day.

If your gig is still fewer than 15 days since delivery, there’s no problem for fiverr to get your funds back. If it’s an active seller, there will be even more time to get it back…

So wait as long as you can, show fiverr your dilligence in reaching out. Maybe hire someone to help you with telling your story and getting screen shots since Fiverr CS seems to be in English only and your English is understandable but to have a more persuasive feel, consider a helper there.

I would be open to helping you with this, in fact, if you reach out.

Finally, as a comment about conflict resolution and companies (especially ones that are very approachable like Fiverr) try to avoid making threats of legal or media action because often that will trigger results you don’t want.

Many businesses will by policy once the threat has been issued say “You’ll have to contact our lawyers now” and shut down.


By the way, I admire that you didn’t mention the seller’s name. That is a violation of the TOS and that you didn’t do so speaks well of your character and understanding.