Why fiverr takes money from my balance with no reason?



I have noticed that Eur -1.30 was taken from my balance. The same happened a couple of days ago.



We’ll probably need a wee bit more detail than that - are you a buyer, seller?


Any chance this is due to the currency rate? I’ve got euros as the main currency on my account and I see differences every 2-3 days. Never gave too much attention but it happens since the exchange rate between $ and Eur is not static (it changes every day)

If you give us further info we might be able to help you out


Thank you for responses.
Im seller and have only one active order.
And also a buyer, last purchase was on May 3th and completed in May 4th.

Dont think its because of currency if lets say yesterday on my balance was Eur 41.65 but today Eur 40.35 (Eur-1.30)



Currency conversion sounds familiar to you?


Lol. And it takes a 24 hours to take a currency fee?

It is Just how fiverr displays currency on homepage. So you think when i switch back to usd, then I will get back those EUR 1.30?


Let me give you an example :slight_smile:

Let’s suppose that on May 15th you have $100 in your Fiverr Balance. This $100 is around 91,07 euros (because the rate exchange on May 15th was 0.910758)

Now, next day, May 16th this $100 Balance might has changed and became 90,10 euros (because todays rate exchange is 0.901195)

In that case, it seems you “lost” almost 1 euro but actually none got this from you, it’s the exchange rate.This happens…


It is NOT a currency feee. It’s the stock rates! The currency rates change every 24hours this is why you experience a change every 24 hours - stock markets work every day and changes in rates reflect at the end of the day.

If you switch back to $ you will see only dollars witohut exchanges…


Yes right. Got it! Thanks!


It took me lots of time to understand it too (you know I’m not very quick, hehehe). No problem! Sometimes you’ll see the rate go down or surprisingly up, this is due to the conversion.

Best of luck!


nice topic but i have a question: when is the best time to transfer the money to paypal? do i wait the day when the conversion rate is better? will the money be converted by fiverr before the transfer or by paypal after the transfer?


Its because of exchange rates.


@marceljc Personally I no longer use paypal, I find bank transfer more comfortable as when I initiate withdrawal early on a weekday I usually have the funds in my account by afternoon - no matter what they claim that the funds will arrive in 4 business days!
In that case, fiverr releases funds to payoneer in $$ and then payoneer sends me euros according to the most updated conversion rate extracting their commision of course :slight_smile: It’s more or less the same money they charge as paypal but I do not have to shift from account to account to complete the transaction. When I have over $1,000 to withdraw I usually keep an eye on the market but when it’s less or if it is an urgent need I do not.


I think it would be better for you to just leave your currency in $$$, that way your heart will not keep leaping when you see a difference in your revenues, because it won’t happen with your dollars.
Good Luck! :slight_smile: