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Why fiverr takes so long to respond to help queries


I don`t know why are they taking so much time while there commission from sellers is highest among micro jobs sites


Totally agree with what @bigbadbilly said. In addition to that, some people open multiple tickets to Customer Support for the same issue and this slows down the queue. And some users open up tickets for every single issue they run in to, rather than trying to figure it out for themselves or going to the Help section.

@rockey99 – if you’re not able to withdraw your money, make sure you’ve checked on a couple of things first. 1) Make sure your funds have cleared the 14 day security clearance period (after order has been marked complete), 2) Make sure that you have your Fiverr account linked to PayPal or Payoneer, and 3) If you have those things in place – then be patient – Support will reply to you as soon as they can.


The answer is simple.

Your “Commission” is your “Rent” for having your digital store on their domain that is trafficked by millions and millions.

The slow response is because there are thousands of incoming support requests each day. Sometimes more.

Fiverr has a staff of people who respond to the support requests… but it’s not like they have 1000 people who do it. lol.

So it’s just a numbers game.

And, if they get 1000 support requests on Monday, and only get 500 answered. That means on Tuesday they then have 1500 requests. If they get 500 more done than on Wed they have 2000 requests. See where I’m going with this.


The last time I checked Fiverr support was provided by ZenDesk, not Fiverr staff.


They do usually answer within 2 days. But they also have priorities depending on the seller’s rating. Top rated sellers have a priority over level 2 & level 1 sellers and of course those with no level are the last to reply.


Reply to @fastadking: Zendesk is a platform they use to provide support. IT’s not Zendesk’s people who provide the support.


but I am in so much trouble I can not withdraw money they should solve it fast


Reply to @globalva: hi globala although my problem is solved but answer to your three points that you can see I am level one seller so I have withdrawn money at least 50 times on fiverr there were some issue with buyer which have been solved