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Why fiverr takes Top Rated Seller back if we cant get enough sales ? [TRUNCATED] [ARCHIVED]


Why fiverr takes Top Rated Seller back if we cant get enough sales ? Its recession in IM, not our fault.

I have got Top Rated Seller Label once fiverr introduced this features.

But before 2 months my label is gone because , I am unable to get enough sales.

Sales gone because now there are 100s sites like Fiverr with lower fees than Fiverr.

Atleast fiverr understood this, dont use us and throw once we are not more profitable for you.


I have not violate any TOS.

but as you know from last 6 months, with Panda and Penguin updates most of the seo services are useless.

Why they taken our level back once it allotted , it must be live forever ?

We are not chewing-gums.


I don’t know what to think about this issue in general.

I suppose if TRS is being taken away, I’d like to think it’s ONLY because of a TOS issue …and ideally even then, with an explanation. At the end of the day, this isn’t our playground, however, transparency is a value and one worth having.

If TRS is being removed for other reasons, I think there should be a “communication” made with a probationary period to correct the matter.


If you lose your status, you can get it back fairly easy once you start making sales. If you aren’t making sales, you need to change something… add a video… promote more… or better yet, get a real job so you don’t need to slave on fiverr for $4 gigs…


Did you ask Fiverr support why you lost your TRS rating ? I am sure it’s some other reason. Sales is def not the key metric here ! Do check and keep us posted… I am eager to learn as well.


Reply to @simplyjo: I think simplyjo is right… You should ask them once…


Reply to oldbittygrandma: People will sometimes ask me how much time I spend on each family tree and I know where they are going with that loaded question. I reply to them it is not the amount of time I spend that matters to me it is the quality of my work that is important


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: agree 100%. $5 is the base service you must sell on Fiverr but opportunities abound for up-selling and making quite a bit more. Am I getting rich on Fiverr? No. Do I have fun and get some interesting, fun projects? Yes. Opportunities come and go. Today it may be SEO is the hot thing then tomorrow nada. SO you roll with it and try something new. Heck, I saw a gig the other day for “food art” and thought… brilliant. They had a LOT of orders!