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Why Fiverr Team didn't give to any warning to seller before closing his account

1 thing is that fiverr team behavior with the seller is very fearful. Fiverr don’t give him the chance to improve his service. I am really very disappointed with Fiverr team because they didn’t give me any warning. I worked 3 months very hard to earn my proper living but fiverr team disabled my account. Now I am at this stage that I am leaving the fiverr beacuse they broke my trust.

You probably did something which was against Fiverr rules and therefor your account was disabled. You should have learned about the TOS. Good luck!

I think fiverr team should need to give at least 1 warning to the seller.

They do. It’s called their “Terms of Service”. :wink:

Users of this site are responsible for being familiar with and understanding those terms before using Fiverr. Failure to read the TOS is equal to failing to heed Fiverr’s first warning if someone breaks those rules. :slight_smile: