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Why Fiverr test result no showing in profile

Hey, hope all of you will be in good.

I have passed my Fiverr test of WordPress 5.1 now with 7.2 out of 10, but the result is not showing in my profile, why?

Please someone guide me.



can you provide screenshot?

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I have not taken the screenshot of that.

There is a option show the result to my profile. May be that is currently disable in your account. Go and change it

From where it change plz?

It was happened with me. I Don’t know what to do.

Go to your profile then skill there some where the option is.

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I did already. But there is no option to take back. When click there it takes me to the exam page again.
Btw thanks for your suggestions…

It’s a visual bug. The score is there, it just doesn’t show correctly.

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Is there any options to make it visible?

Not at this time, no. And the bug has been around for several months, so is probably very low on Fiverr’s ‘to-do’ list of fixes.


This time I have taken the screenshot, but the result is not showing on my profile, I have given the test today again.

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