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Why Fiverr? Why?

I am a new seller here. I have got few orders but i have never spam anything to the buyers or any sellers and never spam anything.
Why did I get this ?Why?

Fiverr always has a reason for issuing warnings. Did you send ANY messages to other people, perhaps asking them to hire you? Did you send any messages to previous clients asking them to hire you again?

No. I never message anyone to hire me or anything. I just reply to the buyers when they have question about my gigs. Nothing more.

Fiverr send you a warning about self-promotion. Where have you been self-promoting yourself?

If I got something in Buyer request and I send offer to them if it is related to my gigs. Does that count as self promoting.

Fiverr sent you a warning about self-promotion, and they stated, “we ask that you do not send messages to other users promoting/offering one of your Fiverr gigs, service, or website”. Your warning has to do with one or more messages that you sent to someone else. Fiverr had a reason for sending this to you. Perhaps if you think hard, you can remember which messsage(s) this relates to.

There is only two messages that I responds to. One is regular buyer and one is who message me yesterday about my gigs. I don’t think I have said anything to them that counts as self promotion.

Fiverr seems to think you did. If you need further clarification, please contact Customer Support.


oK. I contacted them about it and I am waiting for them to reply.