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Why fivver cancel the complete order ? Buyer gave me 5.0 ratting also(i am level 2 seller )

Hello! i am level 2 seller i have work with fivver badge also I worked for a buyer he like my work and give me a 5.0 review but after some days buyer requests to fivver and fivver cancel the complete order and gave him the money back ,let me know why fivver cancel the complete order.i request to fivver but get no response .please tell me .
Note: i not write money-back guarantee .
Thanks in Advance

Fiverr Customer Support is about two weeks behind right now, so it’ll take time to get a response back.

Was the order specifically “canceled by buyer” or “canceled by Fiverr”?

Report your problem to customer service. They will tell you what actually happened to your order. Fiverr takes around 7 to 10 days to reply you back but Don’t worry. Order cancellation is better then a bad review.

order was complete Buyer also gave me good review but i dont know after some days buyer cancel ther order how is it possible a complete order buyer can cancel ?