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Why Flagge me against ToS (Paypal, Payoneer, email, Sk ype, Google Hangout,Pay and Paid)

I am a freelance since 2016 from the Business and Finance Category. I am preparing Financial Statements like Balance sheet Profit & Loss and Cash Flows Statement.

I am getting orders from Fiverr. But most of the cases I have to interview with Buyers or Clients. If the buyer is pleased then he gives me an order.

My Questions are
(1) Most of the Cases clients want to know, In which communication channel I am using for the interview, then by force, I am writing, Sk ype, Google Hunout, Team. If I do not join the Interview, Clients will not give the Job. because I have to works Clients’ core information Xero, QuickBooks, Wave, Sage, Freshbooks, etc software. Clients will not give access me to their Accounting software until he will pleased by the interview.


I am doing Money, transactions, and PayPal, Payoneer related information. So, By forced most of the time I am asking my clients to please inform me in which particulars transactions from Paypal Payoneer have been paid for which purpose or theses amount already paid or will pay. Like this asking. If I, not clear make sense, How to entry in Client software. If I do the wrong entry, all the information on Clients’s Financial statements will be wrong. The clients will not be satisfied with My jobs, They will give me negative comments and minimum rate.

Now my questions are Paypal, Payoneer, email, Sk ype, Google Hangout,Pay and Paid words must use for my asking for a better sense for ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE category. BUT FIVERR GIVE ME FLAGGED AND TOS ME.

Fiver has no any communication channel that can help me to communicate with Clients as face to face Interviews.

I want to know how can I use these words in my conversations times.



So you want to have conversations using a chat platform with everyone who messages you before they place an order? I’m not sure fiverr would allow that. You need to ask customer support for permission.

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