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Why Flyers are Event Catalysts

When organizing an event such as a sale or store opening (for example), the first thing to do is get attention. You NEED to make people aware of it. Filter your audience and do some research on what marketing channels you want to promote in. Independent of your target audience or marketing platform(s), visual stimuli has a much stronger impact than traditional methods.

Word of mouth is the most traditional method of marketing. Getting people to talk about your promotion was has always been the basics of marketing. Social media platforms like twitter and facebook have made the concept easy, but with so many people talking at the same time, its essential to have an eye-catcher.<br> <br> Flyers can help promote your event.<br> <br> Promoting in any social platform has become easier over the years. Its a fact, but just as I just mentioned the obvious, you can`t deny that these platforms are a bit impersonal. Sometimes, seeing an ad or flyer away from the computer screen is a huge relief and one that draws more attention.

4 Reasons to use Flyers in your next special Event.

  1. Reach a broader audience

    Flyers not only can be adapted for social media banners, but they are excellent and effective when applied in the following fashion.

    • Local Newspapers (excellent for local stores and restaurants)

    • Mail Delivery / Door 2 Door

    • Public Distributions (99% view success rate when distributing in a busy street)

    • Reach out to local stores and let their clients look at your flyer

  2. Incentive

    Its old school and still works. Having incentives on the flyer not only glues your potential clients eyes to your business, but you`ll also be able to measure the number of leads your flyer generated. Personally, I find that flyers are excellent when it comes to niche targeting. Remember, computers and cell phone eventually get shut off. Flyers are always calling attention. Which brings me to my next point;

  3. Tangible / Physical hold

    Apart from printing and design costs, Flyers don’t cost anything to maintain out in the public. Having a physical version of your event being promoted gives it extra attention. In a more professional manner, you`ll be reaching your audience and letting them know that you mean business.

  4. Creativity

    Youll be able to show all your ideas and art to the flyer. Its important to have a good design and have just the right amount of text for each flyer. Brochures are excellent to fold in three parts. Sizes usually vary, but normal paper sizes are either A4 or A5.

    If you would like to know more information on promoting your next event with a custom flyer design, get in touch. As an extra, youll be able to measure your flyers success rate.

I definitely welcome any inquiries. Here`s the link to the gig: