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Why for me not showing available not showing me

I have completed more than 150 orders and now in level one
can anyone help me out of this


I’m getting you online.

yeah sir tell me why am not showing me available now toggle on my profile

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Don’t mention Sir, bro, buddy, mate…etc. call by Name if need. You know I’m Sir. Pardon me but it will be helpful for you. don’t made any mistake like this.

When You stop activity on fiverr and go to other site. the fiverr understand you are something like Busy and Save some session when the user stop his/her activity the fiverr function call and tell the user not active. solving this problem do active like go to some gigs open open back to dashboard, profile then you will be active.

Cheer you!

I did that but not showing me dev_sal

I do but you need to search some gig’s open it, recommended gig also open at least 10 then click everyone then go back to other people gig which you didn’t open before then check. I really work for me. when I face this problem I just go to gig it’s solved. and You haven’t fiverr app?