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Why forum participation can get you new orders. [Proof inside]

Short intro: For many years I participate/own/moderate a wide variety of forums. From small to large business-oriented forums with thousands of members with or without commercial value. From psychology and gaming to cybersecurity and…gardening.

Specifically for Fiverr Forum, I will present and try and elaborate, few points regarding a connection between participation and new orders.

  1. Buyer’s perspective - There’s not much to explain here. If you read buyer’s section of this very forum and pay attention to their discussions you will notice that several buyers agree that seller’s participation helps them choose a seller, give a hint of his/her potentiality and certain character traits. This metric has *question marks that need answers and while you may be as much skeptical as you want to, the fact is: If it works for several buyers, it has value, period.

  2. Reading and participating actively in this forum is a way, not the only way, to stay updated of what is going on on Fiverr and it’s changes. In fact, it can be an in depth way that offers much more than just reading a notice. You may avoid pitfalls, avoid scammers, see red flags, gain knowledge, read tips and improve your gig, share and promote your gig, as a result more orders. You even can ask for advice by older sellers who may share some feedback. Furthermore you may build business relationships and connections with other sellers that you may collaborate later on. For example many sellers post here asking if they can join a Studio so others can see and message them. Collaboration may generate orders indirectly or directly.

  3. Using Forum participation as sample of work. Yes it’s true, for specific gigs/services forum participation/engagement/moderation skills you name it, can serve as sample of work. In my case it works, this doesn’t mean it does for everyone else.

  4. Impression’s increase - It’s a fact, forum participation increases your gigs impressions whether you share your gig link in your profile, or for your reasons, you prefer to hide it. People still can google your username and find your Fiverr profile. Now while this doesn’t mean a thing directly since we are talking about orders and sales, (Impressions, converting clicks to orders) people still can view your services, know what it is all about you have to offer, decide to heart/bookmark or share your gigs to someone who is interested. As a result, yes you guess this right…potential orders. While 80% of impressions you will get comes most probably from sellers, there’s always this 20%.

*question marks: Hypothesis: Can forum participation backfire and actually decrease your orders? An example.
Oh my god, this user responds so “aggressively” in Fiverr Forum! He/she must have such a bad personality and issues (blah blah) I would never order from him/her as a buyer because he/she will reply to me in messages the same way he/she does as I see in the forum and most probably he/she is not a good professional!!!~!~!!1``1! (laughs)

Explanation with a much more calm approach: I don’t care (or I care!) how this user posts in Fiverr Forum. All I care for is if he/she is able to deliver high quality results in my business and I’m ready to find out based on his/her actual reviews, level of expertise, results and the customer skills he/she will present towards me, in action.

And this, is exactly the point of my case. You don’t communicate to a client the way you participate in a Fiverr Forum. You have a different role, stance, tone and dynamic sociometrically. This can make good sellers differentiate from great sellers.


Percentage of people that will not read 5% of the text above and just focus on the title and start posting all kinds of stuff…


I type the same way here and in inbox and order messages. No difference.


Step 1: Impressions via Forum participation. check.
Step 2: Orders generated because someone who saw your gigs shared your gigs and services to a colleague. check.
Step 3: Is this poll inaccurate and problematic metric? check.

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I feel like the issue here is that many people think ‘if I post random bits of nonsense on every single post, I will get 213121 orders’ - which is not the case. By being a productive part of (any) forum, you do help your chances of being noticed by (either other sellers, who might need what you provide) or buyers.

However, for that, you require a certain sort of interaction. I feel this is where most people get lost. Saying ‘yeaaah yeah I agree’ on every second post is NOT going to get anyone any orders (…might raise your impressions because many people do get curious). So, in the end, I do agree with you (I’ve gotten several orders from on here, AND I have ordered because I saw artists that looked like they’d do a great job.)

I guess it all comes down to how someone uses the forum (like any other tool); it can be used well and well… yeah. Not so much.
(I do show my pessimism a lot more on the forum. I’m nowhere near this grouchy when I talk to customers for sure.)


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Yes, to be known and respected on a forum, can lead to interesting contacts and sometimes orders. On the other hand, responding to all posts to create controversy or be insolent seems counterproductive to me.